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April - May Toronto Showdates


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Comfort Zone



Regular Cool Nights

Groove Wednesdaze (FREE)/Funky Fridaze (5$**)

9-11 Drumjam (So Fun When it occurs) 2.50$ drinks

11-Close - Big Jams and pretty cheap drinks


9-11 Soundcheck and chillin

11-Close - Kick Ass Music (5$**)

** - indicates usual price special events often are more but never over 20$ most of the time.

Upcoming Shows

March 30th


Bottomly's Brain Fudge (Funky/Trippy/DubJAM)

Up/Down (Bluegrass/Funk/Jazz)

& Aquestic Funk

April 3rd

Groove Wednesdaze - Juke Joint (Jazz/Jam/Groove)

April 5th

Funky Fridaze - Blue Quarter (West Coast Jam)

April 6th


Astonishing Double Bill **See post in the cavern**

Mahavishnu Project with The Sanctious Calhoun Duo

April 10th

Groove Wednesdaze - The Sultans Of Bing

Cleveland Jam band of the year.. great sound

April 19th

Funky Fridaze

Palenke Orchestra (Afro Columbian/Carribean Funk)

April 20th

Saturday - 4:20 Party with Caution Jam

Caution Jam celebrates 4:20 with some jamming

jeff and mike from BNB will also join in at some point..

May Shows


May 1st - Professor Plum (Jazz/Jam/Funk)

May 8th - JoMomma (Hamilton's Own)

May 15th- The Aaron McDonald Band (East Coast Jam)


Jimmy Swift Band (East Coast/Jam/Trippy)

Grand Theft Bus (East Coast/Funk Jam)

May 22nd- Grand Theft Bus (East Coast/Funk Jam)

May 29th- Caution Jam (Grateful Dead/Blues/Jam)

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Thanks Blane.

It is my signature on everything as it is how I live my life. It should be everyone's signature.

So, will you be joining the rest at the comfort zone to see the amazing music there coming up in the next few months?

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