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Kudo's to a few Skancs!


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Great job on the laminates, they look WICKED!

The physical cost of each one is at least a buck by the looks of things, so please, try and throw a loonie in the Velvet jar to help off-set the costs. This DOESNT even include the 8 hours H put in so far on these or the 3 hrs Sally put in, or the 2 hrs Ms. Hux put in or how wasted Treyter and I have gotten watching this go down..........

I think there are around 45 of them.

You guys done gone good.

And Velvet, YOU are the man!


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cool on ya's....so the ones mike and i went and bought at staples looked better? i thought they would...use the clippy things or the gummy string thingees we saw?

either way, please bring my laminator back into town when all is done.

thanks bouche, or booche, or sally or H whoever has it now?

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