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Another week of Nuggets


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Once you sleep it off... it keeps pulling you back in!

Nugget Productions presents...

Mark Wilson and the Way It Is

Tuesday April 2, 2002

The Bayou

Mark Wilson is the organizer of the Frontier Town Come Together Festivals and is touring with his band to promote the festival This May in Durham. Come show him some support

Nugget Productions presents...

Blue Quarter

Wednesday April 3, 2002

The Bayou

Electro Lounge Music DRUMS CHAPMAN STICK BASS The Vision: To elevate the human mind & soul in a tangible sonic vibe! Blue Quarter is a cohesive three-piece musical entity continuously exploring the grounds of techno-jazz and drum & bass. Blending a variety of inputs such as funk, classical, house, rock and hip-hop, Blue Quarter's original output delivers an organic "Electro Lounge" groove. This unique style of music is capable of transporting listeners into the next realm of musical vibes.

Other shows to see

04/04/2002...... Raggamuffin..... Babylon

05/04/2002......Live Magnetic Air........Carleton University

05/04/2002..... Antibalas..... Barrymore's

05/04/2002.....nero.......The Scherzo in Kingston

Copies of the Evolve documentary "Revolve" can be purchased at any Nugget Production for $20

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