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I Need A Little Bit Of Help


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Hello Ya'll.

If you don't know, I am a staff writer for the Revolving Door Music Guide in Syracuse, NY.

I have been covering BNB for a while now including an interview I did with Jeff that's been published here and there.

I am going to be a doing a final wrap-up piece on BNB and will be conducting interviews with the band as well as the fans at the Horseshoe and Trash tomorrow and saturday nite. If you know who I am, please give me a second and let me know how you feel about BNB, your best experience, any story, any comment, nostalgia...

If you can't make it to those shows and have something to say, please e-mail me at


Please leave your name and age with the quote, and if I use you, I'll tell you.

Thanks again for being the greatest family on earth, see you at the shows and stop bye, say hello and pick up a Revolving Door!


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