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Saturday - Hash Bash - Hookah - Hotel / Ticket Info

american nomad

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Okay, Finally - Here is the information


Microtel Inn & Suites

3610 Plymouth Road

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105

Please run map on yahoo or mapquest. It is very easy to find.

My cell phone number is: 734-765-5231

I will be checking into the hotel rooms at 2pm on Saturday 4-6-02. When you get to the hotel, ask for my room - Robb Grandon - I will be collecting money and distributing room keys and tickets from my room at that time. Isn't that nice, everyone has to come and greet me. BYODN (a.k.a. KB)

Price: $40.00 includes your ticket and hotel room. There will be 4 people in each room.

Tickets: As we all know, I have 26 tickets for the front 3 rows. Tickets will be issued randomly but I expect everyone to get their chances to be in the front row center to show off their dance moves in front of the band. I know that Johnny and Cliff really like Jazz Hands!!!

Oh shit, watch out, you have no idea what Blair and Keri started with the jazz hand display at the Knights Inn in K'zoo. It's spreading.......

With all of the comotion, who knows what to expect from The Flying Hookah Villbillies. Should be an interesting show. Until Saturday....

Peace Through Music,

Jessica & Robb

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Hmmm. RD in NY. Sounds enticing. However, I think that falls right in the middle of my week of recovery from back to back blow out weekends - Frontier Town and then the next weekend Hookahville. (Which is twice as hard on me as Frontier!)

Also, the fate of my summer touring lies in the hands of a higher power. Details next Monday.

frown.gif" border="0 dui frown.gif" border="0

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