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This is a suggestion ( obviously ): Gov't Mule with nero @ The Opera House Febuary 14th. Why not? The last time I saw Gov't Mule at the Opera House, they had this terrible and terribly flashy " blues " guitarist from Toronto open. He was so bad, and flashy, that I plumb forgot his name. What I'm saying is, if the Mule hires local " talent ", why can't nero be considered.

Just a suggestion.

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I dont know if I have enough days to take off, but I will check. Should have 2-3 spots in the car, leaving from Ottawa.

Hmm, make that 1-2 seats. Barrett automatically gets a chair in the Quebec cab.....

Ball, I am staying at your place.

This is GREAT news!

We got no kids there

Out in the back yard

‘Cause if you got kids

You gotta work hard

But if you got none

And Wednesday’s back

You’re in the backseat

With a six pack


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HUUUUUGE, I've never seen the Mule and they're about tops on my list of living bands that I haven't experienced. Any word on who'll be playin bass? Has Danny Louis become their full time keys player or is that also different each nite? I'm sure we'll find out soon enough

I'll tell u who my ideal opening act would be:


That guy'll wail the shit outta any electric but his solo acoustic music is unreal.

Can't wait for the Mule

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Guaranteed that the Mule will have a few " special " guests joining them on stage. Last time they played Toronto ( Un-Comfort Zone ), Gordie Johnson and Corky Laing ( drummer from Mountain ) joined them for a few tunes. And Ian Thornley ( Big Wreck ) joined The Mule the last time they played The Opera House. As Davey Boy would say: " Good times. Good times ". Indeed!

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Hell Yeah!!!! Its about time the Mule came back to Canada. Very cool also that it is an early show so if everything works out right, I can make the long drive home, ingest large amounts of caffeine and still make it to work the next day without having to miss much time.

I agree that a solo Warren would be cool, but even an acoustic set with Warren & Matt would be cool. Man I am too excited about this. [big Grin][big Grin]

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