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JiMiller Band


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Jim Miller used to be in a band called 'Oroboros'. I saw Oroboros in London before they broke up. Awesome fun happy twirly tunes! They were around for about 17 years but broke up in 98 i think. Now Jim has the JiMiller Band.

Saw this post on Jambands.com Forum:


Posted by Jackarow on March 20, 2002 at 18:07:48:

One of the BEST bands playing in Ohio at this time..

I will offer up 4 FREE CDr's of this band to the first 4 truly interested fans to respond.. not B/P FREE!

Thanks for looking, and support local music!!

4th Annual FREE Fan Appreciation Show

St Pat's at the Odeon Concert Club

start time 3:45p

endtime 8:00p

OVER 4 hours with NO SETBREAK!


Bluebird -->

Franklin's Tower -->


Nelly Cane -->

Lil Sadie -->

Nelly Cane



Bathtub Gin -->

Smell the Roses

Wild is the Wind

Lost Highway

China Cat -->

Know U Rider


Kielbasa Song

Dancin with the Moon

Mean ol World


Cassidy -->

Drumz -->

Weather the Storm -->

Weather Jam -->


Illegal Smile

I've Just Seen a Face

Yellow Submarine -->

Bertha -->

Yellow Submarine -->

Drumz -->

It Won't be Long -->

Crooked River Blues


You Shine

Iko Iko -->

Samson and Delilah

Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian

Phoenix Song

Siddhartha's Train -->

There is a Mountain

Drumz -->


River Runs

It's You I Love

Eye's of the World

Terraplane Blues

Cumberland Blues -->



The Wheel

*special guest Chris Thomas on percussion

The JiMiller Band



I emailed Jackarow to get a copy of the show but he never got back to me. Still trying to get it. Looks superb. Anyone else heard of these guys?

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