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RIP Megadeth 1983-2002

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Rust In Piece

Megadeth, the band whose 19-year career helped define the heavy metal genre, is disbanding due to serious injuries to founder Dave Mustaine's left arm and hand that have left him unable to play the guitar.

Bassist David Ellefson, guitarist Al Pitrelli and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso have decided not to continue without Mustaine, who formed Megadeth in 1983 after he was fired from Metallica.

Mustaine, 40, hurt his arm and hand in early January, suffering severe nerve damage. In a statement released Wednesday, Mustaine did not specify how the injury occurred, and his publicist, Chip Adams, said he did not know.

The statement said Mustaine's injury was diagnosed as a compressed radial nerve.

"My doctors tell me it will take about a year to make as complete a recovery as I can, and even then, we don't know how complete that is going to be," he said. "I am working hard with a great team of doctors and physical therapists daily, and God willing, someday I hope to play guitar again."

Mustaine said he planned to explore other aspects of the music business, and spend more time with his family. "My immediate goals now are to do what I can to make something good come out of this terrible situation," he said.

Last month, the band released its first live album, "Rude Awakening."

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