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Who's going to the Mercury Lounge tonight?


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I'm so sick of being Stinkwalleted everytime I go on line..

Sure our boy Stapes is having a weird day... but at least he isin't planning to beat up his fellow band members for lasagna... fucking losers

Stinkwallet SUCKS and you all know it

Long live the CHEESECAKE!! grin.gif" border="0wink.gif" border="0

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I can not fairly compare the two, for I have not had the chance to witness the spectacle that is Chessecake. I have personally felt the power of Stinkwallet though, and let me just say...WoW! I TOTALLY GOT IT!(advanced mental being that I am). It brought me to an enlightened state of awareness and focus. It allowed me to drift into a world where only music and bliss exist. I saw history and future at once. I was overwhelmed with emotion. My only complaint was that I didn't have more time to spend with the amazing Stinkwallet. I pray for another opportunity. Dare I say it was life altering? Yes, okay I will say it. I am forever changed for the better. ylflower.gif

Stinkwallet fan #1.

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Pooor Ms Hux

It seems she has been brainwashed by the evil stinkwallet..... sigh.....

Beware to all.... these stinkwallet bastards are out to control your mind!! Obviously there powers are growing as they seem to have confused the "strong" minded Ms. Hux... They say it is all about the truth.... my ass it is... listen to the propoganda they have poor Ms. Huxx programed to spew..

It is not to late for you Ms. Hux.. You can be deprogrammed... I know you don't want to be the Stinky clone you have become... deprogramming will require a live chicken, some rum, massage oil, candle wax, a mirror ball and a whole lot of your time and energy.... wink.gif" border="0

I'm sure you will forget all about those stinky wallets

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Stinkwallet doesnt 'trick' anyone. Honesty. Evolution. BrotherHood/SisterHood. We dont use

Jedi "mind tricks", even though we could.

From what I have seen grow in the past few months, the following seems to have built into

our framework:

1. A member must be aware of her/his environment, but must not let it affect her/him in ways

she/he does not desire.

2. All potential member's can learn from another.

3. The training of a true member doesn't come from listening to lectures.

4. Patience can be as strong an ally as any weapon.

5. Your eyes can deceive you; don't trust them.

6. Don't center on your fears. Concentrate on the here and now.

See, that is Stinkwallet at it's core and Ms H gets it, therefore, she is now and will

forever be a part of Stinkwallet. The only reason her post seems like it was a Paid

Advertisement is because she speaks from the heart. She isnt afraid, she has embraced the

'here and now'. She is stronger than anything Cheesecake could become as an indivdual or as

a group.

And by the way, when did Bouche post? That is why you are Cheesecake son.........

Re-read #5

All one needs to do is pay attention to Double B's signature. It is a tell-tale signpost.

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is that why you have so many members... LOSERS!!

Cheesecake is a little to exclusive to advertise like you stinky bastards!! yet we still have more members... why do you think that is? Because these kids know cool.... and they know your 30 something ass ain't it!


grin.gif" border="0

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double B...when your intellect makes it to a certain level, you might understand that a man might need to respect his elders. i suspect this may be your first trip through this world we know.

the global consciousness of intelligent people is growing in tandem with the rise of the stinkwallett. Many like-mided people at this very second are enjoying the enlightenment of a group matrix of spiritual understanding, coinciding with the rise of the earths magnetic fields, which eventually will reach it's peak in a few short years, making way for a new positive outlook throughout the world, paving the way for peace and prosperity in both life and death.

everything happens for a reason, and the rise of stinkwallett and the fall of the cheescake should not be underestimated in their validity concerning the ultimate struggle of mankind.

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Okay, all of this name calling is making me uncomfortable. Why is there such animosity between Cheesecake and Stickwallet anyway? Can they not exist independant of one another? Bands can have similarities and differences. More than one band can be considered quality. Where would we all be if we focused only on one band and dismissed all others as garbage? The thing with music is that it is truly subjective.

Perhaps the controversy of this situation has reached such levels because the music has been lost in the cheesy posters and arrogent banter. Is this about who has yonger members, cuter butts, more or fewer members or the ability to beat the snot out of whomever? Or is it about the music? Focus people. Focus. Let's all get along like grown-ups. Give peace a chance.


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"when your intellect makes it to a certain level, you might understand that a man might need to respect his elders"

Is that why your looking to kick Booche's ass? Or are you just as old as he is?

Practice what you preach! Suka

So are any of you stinkwallet babies actualy going to come out on a school night? Booche this means you!! You can stay home and write your retoric or you can come out and shake your ass.... sorry, there will be no GD covers tonight, perhaps this music is too fresh and funky for your stinky ass.... wink.gif" border="0

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dude...that just re-iterates the point again...u might as well join stinkwallett becasue all of your poorly thought through ramblings do nuthin but strengthen stinkwallett. tongue.gif" border="0

i have known booche for years, and the connection between he and i is so strong that fun little squirishes online are entertainment only...not to be taken seriously.

i would never lay a finger on booche (maybe in wink.gif" border="0 ), because i would then have to kick my own ass.

my dear lord brad...did u just post a knock about the Grateful Dead not being "fresh or funky"

u my friend have some issues you need to resolve.

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Originally posted by Ms.Huxtable:

This thread is stinking up my entire office. Fuck testosterone has an odor huh? Whew!

Well, let's *hope* it's testosterone...and not some other musky man-smell...Luckily, I've got a cold right now, and can't smell anything...


BRAD (Broad-Reaching Aroma Deployment)

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