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playoff pool????


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Yeah, I'm in.. but how bout we just do it for free. The money would make it too complicated as people would forget to pay or just not pay... we can just have a, what do they call it, farm pool? Anyways, looks like the sens will be playing philly.. I don't really care, I'm just glad we don't have to see yet another Leafs Sens first round blood bath.

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This is from TSNmax. It starts on April 17. Money doesn't have to be involved but we can come up with a simple system to send some discs. How about everyone in sends one show to the winner?

Stanley's Dream Team allows fans to build their own team of NHL players (from teams taking part in the 2002 NHL Playoffs) and compete against each other to win prizes based on their team's performance.


Teams are comprised of fifteen (15) players: eight (8) forwards, two (2) power forwards, four (4) defensemen, and one (1) team's goaltending.

In order for a roster to be complete, all 15 roster slots must be filled. Players on your roster can be exchanged before every Round. Players that are added to your team's roster by 11:59pm PT on the day before the first game of the upcoming Round will accumulate statistics beginning with that Round. For example, if you exchange a player for Joe Sakic at 11: 59pm PT the night before Round 2 begins, he will begin accumulating statistics on your roster for games during Round 2. You will automatically be brought through this process when you first create your team.

NOTE: Every round you can exchange only 8 players on your roster. The maximum number of players that you can have per team changes per round. In round 1 the max is 4, in round 2 the max is 6, in the Conference Finals the max is 8 and in the FINALS the max is 10.


The statistical categories that count in Stanley's Dream Team are:

Forwards, Power Forwards & Defensemen

4 pts per goal (G)

4 pts per assist (A)

1 pt per plus/minus (+/-)

1 additional pts per game winning goal (GWG)


6 pts per win (W)

5 additional pts per Shutout (SHO)

Bonus points: 3 pts awarded for every player whose team wins its series and advances to the next round.

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Everyone who is in, mail me RIGHT NOW!!! at phan420@hotmail.com

I can set this one up if no one else wants to.

I will let you all know of the login info once I set it up at TSNMAX.ca

Are we in agreement that shows will go to the victor? If there are more than 7-8 of us, what about the last two people in the pool have to send to the second place finisher and the other 5 will send to the winner. Or do you want winner takes all?


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