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BNB... Thanks and good night.

Northern Wish

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OK, I am really tired right now.... But I wanted to start a thread about BNB. I just got back from one exhausting show in Halifax last night, and was also lucky enough to have caught the Saint John show.

I wanted to know what everyone else thought of their last Burt experience while I had the chance to take it all in and breathe a little.

"This has all been wonderful but now I'm on my way."

Thanks BNB for all of the good times!

Sean smile.gif" border="0

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WHOA! BNB's farewell gig was HOT HOT HOT! I managed to see them but 6 or 7 times and all but the post-Phish Atlantis throwdown were here in Hali. It makes me feel good to think that they managed to change the way they jammed, for the better, everytime I saw them save once, I think. Saturday's show was peppered with great covers (although I thought the 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover opener didn't have the fire they played with the rest of the night (starting with a super-interesting Waves 2nd song (I think it was second - it was early))) I haven't heard them often enough to be able to dissect the show and the sound, but there was so much rockin' (Mike had so many machine-gun solos and knee-buckinling crescendos), a couple hoe-down-y tunes and so much funked up grooving. Funkin' Shoes, which I have never liked, was one of the highlights on this night, with tons of great effects from Jeff and great interplay between the whole band - I love jams that don't meander aimlessly, but are focused, funky and finish off with a reprise of the theme. So many smiles in the room on Saturday. Definitely the most energy I've seen in a room that size - towards the end of the show, the applause was actually deafening. Obviously the DWD encore was a wonderful treat, and they ripped the hell out of it- not a trace of sloppiness in the solos (and they did the backup - la la la la-la-ing during the "this has all been wonderful sections - which I love) I don't think the monster of a disease should be remembered as the highlight though, because they turned in some epic renditions of older and newer (to me) originals. In short, this was probably the longest I've smiled without being able to stop smiling since well, since I can't even remember. (tND brought on similar smiles but played for less time wink.gif" border="0 ) A bittersweet moment, for sure, but at the end of it all, the only thing on my mind was how much my ass had gotten kicked on this particular night. Anyone on this board there besides oh shit I forgot who posted originally, ah well. I was the guy losing his shit and probably about 5 pounds all over the dance floor and everywhere else in the bar for that matter in the nice billowy skirt and wife-beater. On a special to me note, and this made me feel so funny, but so happy, after the show, I was standing around trying to catch my breath (it is my custom to whip myself into such a banshee-like frenzy of twirling and flailing and hopping jumping turning bobbing that I nearly induce multiple heart attacks) and unwind when the older fellow who introduced himself as an intimate of the band (based on physical resemblance, I'd say he was Jeff's father) asked to shake my hand, and he said to me, "son, I just wanted to say that the way you dance out there and enjoy yourself epitomizes everything the Burt Neilson Band stands for." Don't know what to say. I think I told him that as I hear more and more of a show, I move further and further away from the stage looking for more room. During the Disease, I was patroling about 60 square feet of floor I think. So yeah, to make a long story end, thanks to the band for many great nights and thanks for giving her everything you could have possibly mustered on Saturday (read - my expectations were surpassed about 25 minutes in!!)


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Well Dain I certainly remember you. We were all one big sweaty mess but oh what a night. We all took in the show from behind Jeff which gave us an excellent vantage point to see all of the stage interaction. I was in a Mellow Mood t with a red hat on......

I drove down on Saturday anticipating the show would to quote the D "Rock my motha fuckin socks off". It did that and more......

From the "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" opener the band was on. They tore through a first set that included a few new tunes "Itchy Feet" comes immediately to mind. Lots of smiles from the band and from the crowd, and the night was off and running.

I can't really tell you I know all of the BNB song titles, but they did play the following:

Chevron, Funkin Shoes, Billy Jos Hootenany?, Waves, Down w/ the Sound, L, Stop 28, but what I missed out on was Speedbump. I just love that tune, and thought the lyrics would have suited the situation. Oh well can't win em all.....

The covers were freakin amazing. They rocked ROCKED ROCKED the house on I Want a New Drug, suprised the shit out of everyone (and delighted my girlfriend) by rocking out (first time?) on Sinead OConnors "Emperors New Clothes"- thanks to the band what a surprise!, but the icing on the cake was certainly....

Duh Duh, Du Du Du DUH

Duh Duh, DU Du Du DUH

DOWN WITH DISEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost shit myself just watching the crowds reaction. It was flawless.

I loved all of the Burt shows I saw, not because they played what I wanted or the jams were satisfying, but because of what it represents to me: The Canadian Scene. The people that attended those shows were as much a part of the experience to me as the band. The smiling faces, offers of smoke, clinking beer bottles, chatting about "our scene", thinking about Frontier Town, and the camaraderie that all of you wonderful people bring to OUR shows. The band deserves to be thanked for helping to foster these feelings and providing us with an outlet for our grins and groovin- but I also think the fans around me at every show is what makes it truly special.

"see you on the flipside BNB"


Sean shocked.gif" border="0

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Oh yeah and the teases..... The teases were dominant to my ears throughout the second set and encores. They were the following (though there may have been more):

Jesus Left Chicago

Makisupa Policeman (almost a full on jam!)

Funkytown (full on jam)

Shakedown St. (start stop style teases)

Shook Me All Night Long

First Tube?

I need some backup on a few of these. I tend to "hear" these things a lot and sometimes I am dead wrong.


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