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Hottest chicks ever tournament... cast your vote


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of coarse hottest hunk was the first grease to enter my mind...but my mind don't work like that.

you see - to me equality doesn't mean being an equal shit - not trying to start a row here -

cave time - cave time - cave time

I hope you all have daughters one day grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

Actually..since the world has been becoming equally shitty I've been reading here and there stories about how young men are starting to have all the same probs as young woman - ie..eating disorders, low self esteem and all the crap that comes from all this must look perfect and celebrate impossibly perfect perfectness. Soon all the boys will have bumm implants and perfect everythings. List of things to do - nose job

lip implants

jaw carving

cheek bone carving

neck job

face lift

suction to legs,tummy,arms,ass

boob implants

rib removal

tummy tuck

bum implants

leg strecthing

brain removal

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I don't think leg stretching really happens...just on a rant but the bum plants are true. So is the rib removal(Cher).Also gross and real is the jaw/cheek bone carving. Pretty creepy stuff. I would soooo be afraid to sit down w/bum implants. And where would the shit go if it burst..oooh...ooooozing bum...personaly-quirky,imperfections rule!Fuck Barbie and Ken!Also Fuck fake titties and arses! mad.gif" border="0 allright-

mabey I am in the mood for a good row!

Howler verses the World!! mad.gif" border="0mad.gif" border="0 (hehe?)

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Sorry guys, but your new champion is Tara Reid.

Anna made it to the finals.. It wasn't fair I had to choose between Jennifer Connely and Tara Reid right off the bat...

As for surgery - didn't Shania Twain have ribs removed as well? And I read an article recently that said the popularity of Jennifer Lopez's bubble-butt has generated an increase in those ass implants you speak of. I can see it now... "wow looka that huge butt! oh.. wait, damn, they're implants..." Somehow this doesn't make any sense.

Also, I saw a blurb on the news last night about a new chain of nightclubs (somewhere in the States of course) called "Cheeks" where there aint' nuthin but FAT MOMMAS and the men who like em' big. They showed video of one such bar with all kinds of fatties shakin' their flab. My eyes are still burning...

tongue.gif" border="0

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Tonight seems like a good night to eat chocolate bars, drink beer, burp, fart (umm...not much different than any other night!).....and enjoy not having to be a size 0 with perfect features and being the topic of conversation amoungst sad little creatures!!! I love my life! Anyone wanna join me?

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