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warrning for anyone that use a bank card.


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Bottom line.. Do not hand your card to anyone.. do the swipe yourself.

A couple of days ago I got a phone call from Fraud prevention asking me if I have used my bank card in the weekend. I did not.

But hey tell me that I have several transactions on my card like $2500 worth of withdrawals.

This is the deal.. when you go to like a gas station to buy gas with your card.. the dude useses a device the size of a beeper to scan your card, before they use the card to do the real transaction. And they probably have a camera setup to find out your pin.

They go home with this info and uses a special device (like a CD burner) to create a duplicate card from the beeper like device and with a PC.

Now they have a duplicate of your card and the pin for that card. Then they go nuts.

I have over 400 at LCBO (I know this sounds like me but was't), they went to the movies with my card and withdraw over 2000 cash (Not that I have that much cash.. but from my overdraft)

Do not hand your card to anyone....

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Yes the bank knows its a scam.. infact, this is the 4th one just in my branch this year.

As soon as they are sure that its a scam, I'm off the hock. Until such time, my money is frozen.

Thanx for all the offers. but Lany is taking care of me.

Do not hand your card to anyone!

swipe it yourself. Its more common than we know.

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yeah that exact same thing happened to JJ a few months ago...they froze her account for a long time (2 weeks at least ithink) until a full investigation could be had (when it was so obvious because these guys took out $49 like 60 times so the bank wouldn't suspect anything--over $50 on cashback rings some alarms i guess)

funny thing is indika that your bank should have called you about any suspicious purchases, or large amounts of money being withdrawn.

$2000 on overdraft???

i'd be bitching up a storm at the bank brah...

anyways, it is totally shitty dude...what kind've a scag would do that??? especially when they see that you have no fucking money in your account mad.gif" border="0mad.gif" border="0mad.gif" border="0

dat pisses me off that people are out there rippin' good people off instead of getting a fucking life and working for a living like everyone else...

i mean at least if you're gonna robb someone, make it a bank or microsoft or something...

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awwwww shucks, thanks for the sympathy. I have no idea who played the low rating game.

but, I think if you want to get rated, you have to go into your profile and change something.

I just found a setting that was hiding low ratings. Mine was hidden, because I only have 2 little stars.

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