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Seeeking song requests for 4:20 Toronto.....


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Bouche already laid a st st. stephen ala 1970 on me...anybody else who has a request for a song in toronto..let me know asap...I will gladly play it!!! Mike F....let the games begin! And ya I know I need an avator!

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Well the St Stephen call was supposed to be a joke. During the Dead's acoustic set from 05-02-70, some joker yells "St Stephen" and I have always thought that was funny. But hey, if you want to do it, knock yourselves out.

I am guessing this is an acoustic guitar/piano-esque gig for you two so here come the requests!

Waves (If you are laying Burt tunes down for a rest, I totally respect that. I am just a whore for that song and thought I would throw it out)

I am going to stick to covers here. I dont have a clue what songs you have in your repertoire so I am just going to throw out the first things that come to mind:

Visions Of Johanna (aint a tough one to learn aside from the lyrics, so bring a sheet)

Bird Song (soooo damn pretty in that foremat)

New Speedway Boogie

Bathtub Gin

Wharf Rat (always wanted ot hear that one acoustic)

Sitting In Limbo


Soulshine (soooo pretty in an acoustic format)

Catfish John

Stop That Train

Reuben and Cherise

Tangled Up In Blue


Ok, I better stop or I am not going to get any work done today.

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Damn straight I'm in there, boochey-boy....I have been working like a dog all week(landscaping) and my body is craving a good bender....I've already talked to POG about hooking up to watch some hockey....sweeeet day off, see you tomorrow.

P.S. I have my name tag and I second the Sugaree.

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