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Question of the Day 03-17-03


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I'd put some pants on "David" cause honestly, dudes got nothing to show.

and maybe a bong hidden in the table of the last supper.

oh! and as for the closing paragraph for the Bible...as long as it starts with "Then I woke up" I'm with ya.


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While in Paris France,I visited the Louvre,and if I could change one detail of any piece of art,it would be to be able to repair "Winged Victory".

Like the Venus de Milo the statue was found on an island in the Aegean Sea. During the nineteenth century when nations became particularly conscious of collecting great works of art, the government officials were expected to serve as scouts for available treasures. In 1863 the French consul at Adrianople, Charles Champoiseau, who was also an archaeologist, personally found the statue scattered over a lonely hillside on the island of Samothrace. It was without head and broken into 118 fragments. The pieces were put together at The Louvre. Nikes, such as this, were created by the Greeks to celebrate naval victories. It is thought that it honored the Rhodian conquest of Antiochus III (222-187 B.C.) and the courageous men who faced death in battle. It is certainly one of the finest achievements of the Hellenistic Age.

This is a very inpressive sculpture and I would have liked to see it when it still had the head.

That would be my change.....replace the original head and arm.

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Hmmm....i'd like to think something up but this has been a forum topic over at somethingawful a couple times....and damn those bastards are good!!




actually, hell this is a great time killer, just check out any of these...


and if yer real bored, wander on over to Cliff Yablonski's section...offensive!

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