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Mike and Jeff - Caution 420!


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Man, I want to write a review but holy fug, how do you put this into words?

Hey Flipo, I may need a little help with this setlist, please, dont lurk and make changes need bee

where need be.


Were you Ever There At All (Is this what the song is called?)


Mission In The Rain (seriously folks, I aint kidding!)

Lovesick Blues (Hank tune, Jeff sang)

the Shape Im In

Strabge Design

Tv I couldnt See (what the hell is that song REALLY called?)

They Love Each Other

Waiting For A Miracle

Ginseng Sullivan


Lovin Cup

White Weeled Limoseen (Hornsby cover, Jeff sang, WOWOWOWOWOW)

Caution Jam

Ms Browns Teehouse (hhehehee)

Shakedown St. >

Funky Bitch>

Dr Hook Stoned Song (sorry...)


You Aint Goin Nowhere (Dylan)


China > Jeff joins > Rider

The Weight

Use Me (Jeff singing, Bill Withers tune, WOWOWOWOW, with Mike, GET THE TAPES!)


Boogie On Reggae Woman

Good Lovin


1: Rainy Day Woman #12 and #48

2: One More Saturday Night

honestly, this was a FUGGIN wicked night!

Best part of Mike and Jeff, it was Mike and Jeff.

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Hey Bouche....me hung over as well!!! I think me party too hard...fall down head hurts ouch. It was nice to me up with you at the zone...common it ain't that bad...I mean whats wrong with a dirty dungeon bar in the hooker part of spedina....some nights after the show you can see men right at the bank machine taking money out...for "services". Maybe you're right it is a hole. Anyway, I always party hard there! By the way the one song is called "I was watching tv that no one elso could see". Must sleep now. Mike Flip

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TLEO? Sweeeet!

I cannot wait to hear these Comfort Zone recordings. Who's gonna upload it to me so I can throw them up for all?

That looked like a highly fun night. It's too bad that physics won't allow me to be at 2 places at once. Is there a time machine yet?

The shakedown tease from a few weeks ago turned into Shakedown MADNESS last night in Ottawa. The recordings from neromomma are hot!

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What a wonderful 420 it was!!! Booche so very happy to kick it with u again even for such a short time... ya how sick was that WWL...beer is evil... i awarded myself my own personal toaster... Very nice to meet some Skanks for the first time... Shainhouse, LJFH and to others i may have forgotten... Punk we gonna throw it down on Friday for Nero? lemme know i gots your number now...

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So, you have alias's on the Skanc? I might get confused by that Flipper!

Yeah, you guys need to do more of those acoustic sets. Absolutely beautiful stuff. Bouche, you would have loved it. Apparently there were a couple of guys patched in during their set, I didnt see any mics around, so hopefully the files float around soon. Wait until you hear Flipper sing Mission In The Rain and the White Wheeled Limosene, sheet!

By the way, the Use Me>Jam>Boogie On was one of the BEST things I have heard in 2002, you HAVE to hear it everyone!

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wanna know something funny?

I just woke up and thought, "hmm, I should put up last night's setlist"

I love when Wasted Booche is ahead of me. By the way, what am I doing up? Oh yeah, get the tapes

This was WAY better than I expected. I knew I was going to love the Mike and Jeff set, but the

Caution Jam set was fantastic. Especially the JAM with Mike and Jeff. WHOA!

That bar sucks though. Nero et al, get your gigs at The Horseshoe.

What the hell is Strabge Design?

I cant spell wortha a sheet when I am that fugged up. Brennan and his whiskey after

4am aint such a good idea.


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