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Other Ones/Dead Survivors tour likely August...


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Evidence is starting to surface about a tour with everybody....based on solo-band schedules August looks like the time....even Mickey's dropping hints.....

from a spankin' new Rolling Stone interview with Mickey Hart.....

"While some of the Grateful Dead's many members have worked together in various incarnations in the six or so years since Garcia's death, a full on band project has not surfaced... yet.

"There are plans afoot," Hart divulges. "I cannot reveal [specific details] at the present time. But I think something's happening. I think there has been a shift of attitudes. I think that everybody's ready to put their differences in the past, and something might happen."

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They better NOT tour, 1 or 2 shows, thats it. ANYTHING that takes away from PLQ shows will make me seriously PISSED!

Well, if Warren is with them, then we will know that the PLQ could/should have happened and I will be knocking somebodies lights out!

None the less, it would be interesting to hear. I would absolutely LOVE to trip out on a drumz>space though. I have been thinking how much I have missed feeling the 'beam' the past few days. How bout the Charolette one Davey-Boy? Dat wuz a bigun.


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Well Doc, I'll give you Hornsby, but Warren and Jimmy are unbelievable...

not that I don't love Bobby, but Warren sings the Jerry ballads-> VERY freaking well... and he's got tons of heart, or should I say Soul?

and yes, Booche the beam has been missed.... that first night in Charlotte, my entire body resonated to that bloody thing; good thing I wasn't tripping wink.gif" border="0

Still, all in all I'd love to see a couple of shows with the whole shabang

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I think you need to look at the substance of what the PLQ do. They are far more than just the sum of those musicians. I honestly feel there isnt anything touring that can fug my mind up (while dancing) like the PLQ. Nothing compares.

I seriously doubt Kimock would be there. That whole fiasco with Phil's wife (or whatever really happened) has driven a huge stake in their relationship.

If they did do shows, I would like to see Warren take Jer's spot (only for that soulful singing), and have BOTH Horsby and Synth Welnick with the remaining memebers. Just to try and make it as complete as possible.

But hell, without Jer, there aint EVER going to be anything that comes even remotely close.

Dr H, have you seen the PLQ? Do you have any of those tastey officially released boards?


Not board, boards. I was always under the impressions that there is only 1 out there. July 1st I think (do NOT quote me on that date right now)

Come on over on Saturday man (I am hosting a DoY pre-party), email me darkstarotherone@hotmail.com

We can continue this in the privacy of our own minds.

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Phil dates with other Dead Members

7/10 Darien Lake W/ Mickey Hart & Bembe Orisha

7/13 Great Woods W/ Mickey Hart & Robert Hunter

7/14 Jones Beach W/ Mickey Hart & Robert Hunter

7/20 Tweeter Waterfront W/ Trichromes & Hunter

7/21 Meriweather Post W/ Trichromes & Robert Hunter

7/23 Portsmouth, VA W/ Ratdog & TriChromes

7/25 Raleigh, NC W/ Ratdog & TriChromes

7/26 Charlotte, NC W/ Ratdog & Dickey Betts Band

7/27 Atlanta, GA W/ Ratdog & Dickey Betts

7/28 W. Palm Beach, FL W/ Ratdog & Dickey Betts

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