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A call to the aritsts of the Skank!


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Ok, nero is playing at a music conference in June called COCA.. This is where all the universtiy club bookers congregate and talk to band reps (at little booths- i'll get to that) and watch the bands play short sets and then potentially book a ton of gigs.

Here's the situation, nero is hitting the road this Wednesday, and the tour ends June 7 in Sudbury- (the first day of COCA), so when nero is playing nickeltown, me and Velvet are gonna head down to Guelph to set up a booth and hopefully woo some agents into booking a bunch of nero shows.

We need help with our booth- do any of you artistic types have experience with cool looking displays for a conference type setting? suggestions? ideas? a desire to help??

if so please contact myself -neroboy@hotmail.com, or preferrably velvet todd.snelgrove@sympatico.ca

thanks for reading, n-boy.

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yeah make sure u get a buncha stickers of your website and hand them out to all the hot girls....secondly have a buncha giveaway cd's/T's etc and a loudspeaker, and thirdly make sure u have a decent stereo to play your cd's and live shows on while u are there.

maybe a nice glossy printout of confirmed shows, and good reviews handy, along with a professional band profile outlining main objectives for the next year or so, breaking down attendance averages in the past (with the continuing growth) etc including some references from booking agents and bar owners.

even a booklet of pictures from packed shows might be good...

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ok-I've just been talking to the manager/booking agent of the Bomber (U of Waterloo) and he gave me some ideas-actually he's looking to book bands this summer and I passed along your email so you'll probably hear from him-

Anyways-first things first make sure all your shit works. These guys are really looking to see what bands have their stuff together-they want a trouble free night of entertainment with an experienced band so they have no hassles and headaches. That means all gear should be ready to go. These guys aren't A&R-they just wanna know you'll pack the place and people will get very drunk while you play. So I'd cram as many pictures of crowds of people at your shows as possible on the background. Lots of bands play all over Canada, make them see that you bring in a crowd.

Don't make it look like a science fair project-use materials instead of construction paper and shit-get someone to carve your name out of wood then make a giant hemp string that goes across the top with the letters N-E-R-O on it....or maybe those alphabet blocks you had as a kid or something. Surf the net for trade show stuff and you'll probably skim some good ideas from corporate trade show pictures. Stick a computer in there with all your tunes mp3'ed and cued up....so you can just click on a tune to play it. Buy a set of these speakers to put in your booth to draw people over (www.minipod.com) Get some video footage on the computer as well, hell, get someone to dump your website on there so it's fully functional but not on the net. Burn a whole bunch of one-offs of CD's (live tunes? couple songs off the album? some new material?) to give away-give one to every friggin person that walks by your booth, even if they are in other bands...play some of your more catchy stuff, lots of these guys aren't music guys-merely booking agents.

Whew...that should help...


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ok well also if your very serious, make up a business folder to give to interested parties - this one is probably very important so they're taking the info with them cuz at a trade show you're bombarded with info...

in the folder you will have

A) pics

B) reviews

c) band history/contact information

and some of the stuff that everyone has mentioned above. If you want throw in cds, but that gets expensive just for a booking...

Make sure they're providing a table, if they aren't bring one with you

(you didnt need artists, you needed corporates)

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We need to know the dimensions of the booth...

so this is really like a trade show setting?

get a fishbowl for business cards for the giveaway, maybe make it 1st 2nd and 3rd prize -

3rd is a cd,

2nd is a tshirt and

3. a cd and a tshirt and a phishsanctuary membership w custom avatar? ha ha, no. but you know what i mean...

computer with your website or a power point presentation with your music playing? i dunno...

set up your instruments at the back of the booth too maybe? just as props... use whatever you have that looks cool...

But I would definitely have a "portfolio" (binder with plastic sleeves maybe) of Reviews, testimonials, artwork (posters/flyers etc) and band promoshots and live shots... on the table for people to leaf through...

do you have stickers or something small you can give away? that always gets people to your booth too, very helpful actually

but i'm sure you know most of this...

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