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It's time for...TOP 5 DISC ROTATION (april edition)


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That's right, it's been awhile so let's visit each other's CD players and see what's been spinning...

BNB 3/28/02 - Bu-bye, bu-bye, bu-bye

Trey Anastasio Solo Debut - makes me "horny" for June (get it? Horny? I kill me)

Badly Drawn Boy/About a Boy Soundtrack - Weirdo music I'm strangely drawn to (whoops, more bad pun) By the way, hold up a picture of Gentlemonkey and this guy...the same, non?

GD 6/18/74 - one of my first tapes recently acquired from gdlive - my first taste of Loose Lucy and BRUTAL Donna in Weather Report

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Scottieking special Mix - includes some tracks from the new one Plastic Fang

(+ Gomez- In Our Gun, ND 5/17/01, and a sizable Stones kick lately - today, Goat's Head Soup)

Bring the noize!

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Hey Scottie, hope things are well.........

It's been a whirlwind intro to the Maritimes, and much tuneage has been ingested. Here are the details:

1. Mark Farina- Mushroom Jazz Vol. 3

2. Talking Heads- Remain in Light

3. Grateful Dead doing Bob Dylan- Postcards for the Hanging

4. Breakestra- Live Mix Vol. 1

5. Trey Anastasio Band- s/t

And lots and lots of The Band- I just got my hands on all of the Reissues with the bonus tracks, get em!!

And plenty and plenty of Phish: namely 4.3.98, 6.25.95 SBD, 6.30.00 (have you heard this Cavern!?!?!), and 12.29.89 SBD.

Lets get ready for the summer tunes!


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1) the new MMW- Uninvisible- pretty impresive stuff!

2) the Smiths- Best of Vol 1 -currently I'm in England so it suits the mood and atmosphere of English urban decay

3) Neil Young/Crazy Horse- Zuma- this album's the shit! "Barstool Blues" is highly addictive.

4) Bob Dylan -Self Portrait- good stuff

5) Phish 10/31/94 set 1- killer versions of Simple, Divided Sky, Julius and REBA!! Oh yeah, and War Pigs!

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tND... show from Jamhub.ca

nero... Cafe Dekcuf Skank out

The Word.... not sure the date but holly fuck!

Drums & Tuba.... studio release...

MOE...... 3 cd live box set, disc 2, Timy Tucker...good way to kill half an hour.

King Cordova.... just can't bring myself to stop listening to that Merc show!

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Ancient Harmony-8-31-01,"taxi driver"!!

Dead- 1-15-79,one of my favorite dead shows ever!!"Miracle->Shakedown" SICK (nice FOBs)

Zappa-"Overnight Sensation"

Zero- 10-30-90 "Nobody for President"..."Afro Blue" worth the CD alone!!!


Juggling Suns- 3-22-02,this CD hasnt left the carousel since I received it on Monday.

It is normal to dance alone grin.gif" border="0

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I am going to take major flack AND praise for this:

Dicks Picks 18 (BUY IT)

Ladies and Gentleman, The Grateful Dead


Phish 07-02-98 (RIGHT now)

I received those 3 previous Dead shits all in the last 2weeks, thus, the rotation.

I cant remember who mentioned the Phish board earlier on, but my guess, there is a typo. I think it is supposed to read 12-29-98, not 89?

Alright, now I can go read what people are listening too. Carry on. I am just going to stick in this topic as well.........

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Couple of questions, Snelly...whats Donna the Buffalo like? I have seen that name alot (over the years perhaps? I dont know them)....Any quality download sites?

And, who wants to Moe my ass?

Trades please. I need to get in on some Moe action before July 9th. I have heard them a few times and every time, I turned my head and said "Who's THAT?"

Aside from Further Fest in 97, which I dont count since we were sitting on the lawn gabbing and not paying attention (I am not like that anymore folks)

if you want to trade for some high quality Dead/Phish for high quality Moe, email me at this address please, andre.m.bouchard@pwgsc.gc.ca (yup, I wang dang doodled a cd burner from my boss! "Man, I need it to burn drivers that are larger than a floppy......")

GM, its all about the Habs. Ask Pablo (if he remembers wink.gif" border="0 ) about my lighter too. That flame has gotta last until their season is over.

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This is what my 5 Disc (Show) Rotation is looking like:

1. BNB2000-11-11 - my first BNB show and a crazy Funkin' Shoes -> Frankenstein -> Funkin' Shoes

2. PH1993-03-22 - Crest Theatre - Gamehendge!

3. Jomomma2001-09-22 - Jambands.ca music fest

4. Paul Simon - Greatest Hits

5. DMB2002-04-19 - The Toronto Show

peace out and see y'all at Nero tomorrow!

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