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I went to the Guster concert in Geneseo, NY last nite. The show was great, but when Ryan Miller, lead singer of the band prompted the crowd by asking if there were any CANADIANS that showed up, the 2000 people in the gym proceeded to BOO Canada. Yes, they BOOED my sister and I, who seemed to be the only Canadians in attendance.

Wow, that's ignorance, and it really upset me. Being indirectly booed just because I'm Canadian is pretty harsh, especially after 4 Canadian's and millions of other people have died at the hands of terrorist George Bush and past presidents.

Just my two cents. Pretty upset, but I'll calm down.


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Thats crazy. I wouldn't take it personally, though. They probably didn't even know why they were booing anyways. Half of them think that Canada is a town in upstate Ohio, and the other half think that we're part of the middle east, and they're at war with us.

Americans are obnoxious, ignorant loud-mouths...

every stereotype has an element of truth.

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speaking as an american who loves both canada and the united states and has vowed never to live in the usa again....here is my opinion....

americans are numbed by their media machine. there are relatively very few people who have the strength of intelligence to look beyond what is dished out to them in the easiest simplest milkshake language of sitcoms and talkshows and cnn and usa today. americans are friendly and warm and great people. just programmed to be patriotic at any cost and informed about very little outside of their insular society and attitudes.....hence the famous american tourist....in a new and interesting place with myriads to learn and appreciate and they will complain about the way it's different from home. looking for mcdonalds and burgerking.

i'm sorry you were booed. i'm sorry canada was booed. it makes me sad that the "most powerful" country in the world is so ignorant.

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Very well put, Reba!

Since I work for Hostelling Int'l, I've been able to form a well informed opinion of Americans as well.

Scene I Act I

setting - Canadian Hostel

American tourist: "How much will it cost to spend the night?"

Staff: "$20"

American Tourist: "Is that American or Canadian dAllers?"

Staff: "Actually, today we're using the YEN, and tomorrow it'll be the Peso, dumb-ass."

American Tourist: "Do you have dogs in Canada?"

Staff: No no no, they're ILLEGAL here..."

American Tourist: "Are you really a CANADIAN"

Staff: "yes"

American Tourist: "wow" (w/ star-struck look in eyes)

Like you said, Reba, they influence the well-being of nearly every human on the planet, but have absolutely no interest in any country other than their own. They are the most irresponsible world power in Earth's history - and they're all BIG FAT LARD-ASSES.

(a few of em' are OK, though... just a few....)

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Thanks for an awesome post.

I'm getting over it, slowly but surely.

I love Americans personally, I'm moving down there [Asheville, NC] for grad school probably, but what happened just really upset me.

I guess people can be programmed at a rock concert. It's like a mob, one brain, one senseless act of stupidity.

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For what it's worth, my theory on the basic difference between Canadians and Americans is this: Canadians are proud, Americans are patriotic.

Proud: Acknowledging superior achievements and and prizing the achievements as fine examples.

Patriotic: Believing everything you produce is superior and prizing the achievements as fine examples.

For the record, I travel in the States often, and I love it and I love the people. Hate the politics, and I'm not generally fond of Americans that I meet abroad, but everyone gets a fair shake from the word go (unless I meet bush).

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shocked.gif" border="0 dude...that's just weird and ugly....

I guess when they run outa water the bombs will be getting turned our way...ignorant fucks...when I was a kid in school in the states the world map in our class room had USA as the biggest landmass and centered in the middle. In History class we learned nothing of slavery and were taught that the states had never lost a fight..and of coarse that everyone wanted to be an American...not true,not true,not true and not true again!...at least when you meet a cool American you can definately rest assured that they have a mind of there own..considering the propaganda machine their up against....allthough I have met some major rednecks on our soil and one should keep in mind our gvrmnts treatment of Japanese and how they royaly fucked the natives.. ya know the list aint so clean on our side either....

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Quoting my mercenary, in a conversation with a drone:

Drone: "So, how are you today?"

Mercenary: "Could be worse."

Drone: "Oh?"

Mercenary: "Yup. I could still be in my former profession [in the Canadian military], dodging Americans."

Or was I the only one that noticed the flags at half-mast?

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