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Trey anyone?


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thanx booche- that helped scratch my trey itch...actually it probably made it worse. Looking forward to seeing Trey this summer, i'm still trying to decide which venue i'll choose...vermont sounds fun, but MMW in T.O. is the same day. Decisions, decisions. Darrien maybe? SPAC would have been fun but they've changed the venue. I'll figure it out soon enough.

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Originally posted by secondtube:

did anyone catch the name of the piece trey was reffering to? or the composer of the piece?

the best i could come up with is

Le/La Tombre/Tombe De Couperette?

by: Ravelle

i'm VERY curious to hear this piece.

Thanks for any info in advance.

A quick Google search on "ravel" led me to a list of works, including "Le tombeau de Couperin" (there are two pieces with that name: a piano piece from 1917, and a ballet/orchestra work from 1919).



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