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Anyone living in TO should check out this night of Jazz with Canada's most insane Trumpet player Nick "Brownman" Ali

Those of us in Ottawa will get to see the Brownman next Wednesday at the Mercury Lounge.... do not miss it!

From Brownman:

This is a very special show on May 10th that'll feature all 4 of my

groups as part of the FRINGE JAZZ FEST. I hope you can come...

Details below :




Friday, May 10th - Nick Ali & CRUZAO at Hugh's Room in Toronto,


(2261 Dundas) as part of the "Six Degrees Of Groove"

Show (produced by me) for the FRINGE JAZZ FESTIVAL.

The premise is this - many musicians play in multiple groups... so why

not get some of the finest musicians in jazz, latin and funk together on

one stage in all the different permutations they normally arrive in and

give a show that uses a wack of those players to create a maximum of

music... demonstarting that these great musicians are about 6 Degrees Of

Separation from each other. This FRINGE JAZZ FEST Series is called 6

Degrees Of Syncopation, and the show I'm producing is called "6 Degrees

Of Groove" and features ALL 4 of the groups I lead. Very exciting for

me... there isn't really an occassion for all 4 of my groups to be in

the same show, so I'm kinda excited to see all these jazz, latin and

funk bad-boys mingling together. Also 2 other group's I'm a member of

will also perform that night for a total of 13 musicians, 6 bands, 1

stage. All musicians play in AT LEAST 2 groups, some (like Marc Rogers

and myself will play in as many as 6). Salsa, latin-jazz, jazz-hip-hop,

New York style jazz, European flavored jazz, Modern Bebop - it's all

here. Each group is unique and has their own sound, vision and

direction, so it's not a rolling jam you're hearing - but 6 distinct and

unique groups. The entire night is being taped by Rogers Cable 10 for

broadcast (so make sure you comb your hair). Tickets are available

through ticket king at 416-872-1212 and are $20. See

http://www.brownman.com/sixdegrees for more info. Please come and check

out the Brown Extravaganza... I suspect it will be an unbelievably

entertaining night (and all musicians are paid strictly from ticket

sales so you know your dollars are going towards these hard working


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