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Wackamole report from Belgrade....


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hey dudes, well im here in b-town. good nuggs, good peeps, start shooting this film tommorow. we took 3 days to plan it and location scout it. much potential, and we have 2 of the most well known actors in eastern europe in it! one serbian guy, who's american accent is so good, we're gonna get hinm to be an american. crazy sheeet.

lifes good here. people are happpy not to be getting bombed anymore. except on goood nugglets and shivas. yeeeps.

so weve been p[artying every night, and part of every day.

tommorow we go on a boat party at one of the actors boats!! coooo, daddy.

i've been buying tonnes of jazz and reggae and such here, cause cds are only a dollar, but blanks are way more?! everyone is lovin' the cd's i brought. excited to hear new tunes, we played some at the local "hole in the wall ( in some ones back yard) bar around the corner. they do love their claypool here. the kids are smart.

ive been hearing the craziest stories of life duriung the bombings. all the kids our age would drive their cars onto the bridges, park, play tunes, dance around, smoke, drink, etc...in protest and to protect the bridge and to watch the fireworks of bombs and back shooting in the city!!! what do you think we'd do? probably the same.

this city is beautiful....there is a very old section down town, but this city has been bombed 3 times since the WWII, so much is new. there is this really scary looking empire strikes back looking bldg, that well get for our film....skis!!

hope yer having fun.....skis.



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Hey Paulyskis!

Glad to hear you are having a good time and getting your shit done.

Smoke some 420's for me brah.

Nothing much new around here dude:

Barrett has the undisputed toaster title...even with having to defend it against some stong opponents (like himself)...might as well just stick him in the hall of fame.

The NERO boys are gone! (thank god--i'll never forget that wild night Kyla and Tamara wink.gif" border="0

Tom and Annette are still Tom & Annette (transformation not yet complete)

I'm still as dumb as ever (still recovering from ages 19-23)

Graham is still losing easy bets and whining like a little bitch afterwards.

Double B has no idea of what's up and down

Ms. Huxx is still evil (but still sexy)

Low Roller is still looking for gay love ("i'm just new to the jam-ass scene---er ah jamband-scene")

Brad M has been mis-identified as a sasquatch 12 times since u left.

Booche still stinks....but manages to help Low Roller with his introduction to the jam-ass scene.

Crystal is still tolerant of barrett (partly because she's so drunk all the time)

Sally is still tolerant of booche (partly because she stinks too)

the Asian Princess has left the building

Blah Blah Belair is thinking about moving to Ottawa to strip Barrett of the toaster (or his undies...whomever cums first)

Stapes is retarded and has a very small penis (minute-man)...but that doesn't mean he don't make up for it with his Electric Circus style dancing.

The Sloth still pretends to be intellectual by plucking the pubes out of his face at shows.

Indika still skips the "real shows" so he can go look at 16 year old girls getting hit on by the Rasta's....and even still gets pinched when we wake him up at 3am (imagine???)

Jaimoe still hasn't got past second base.

The Young sisters are still in control

Rubber Dinghy is still crying afoul because big-macks aren't 99 cents anymore.

H still doesn't get any of the jokes (just ask mike babe)

Howler still barks like a dog in heat (just like barrett when wilson's nudge'n his nuts)

Weezy was last seen guest starring as bubbles's side-kick stealing shopping carts on TPB.

Dr Hux still wants to fuck Bobby up the ass with the Hanson's watching (can you say MTV video?)

Velvet is living the dream life, he is still looking for it.

PassedOutGuy is still running from the government for outstanding student loans (how does someone run up $50,000 for 2 years at hairdressing school?)--on a related topic....POG still hasn't gotten the HOOD tattoo removed...what a scag.

The PEIPunk is still smiling but no one knows why? he is always out of key.

Mark Tonin is still trying to write the greatest story ever told, yet no-one's gonna read it.

We figured out how to get Tonberry, ScottieKing, MarcO and ShowWhore to all sit on a bar stool at the same time......turn it upside down.

Jaybone is still sulking (because Jyll left for BC)

Jyll left for BC (because Jaybone was sulking)

Asparagus really likes likes science (who'd a thought...he's a nerd)

Mike is unemployed and STILL hasn't formed a band...dumbass.

Rosie's still looking for some scientific g-spot validation

Puddles is still pretending he has liquid

CHEESECAKE still goes rotten if u leave it outta the fridge for more than 2 days.

LJFH is as thirsty as ever wink.gif" border="0

shocked.gif" border="0shocked.gif" border="0shocked.gif" border="0shocked.gif" border="0shocked.gif" border="0shocked.gif" border="0

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Hood! That's too funny! You were probably laughing your ass off while writing that!!!

But don't forget to mention the guy that pukes in the bar and then wonders why pretty "little" girls won't kiss him!!!

We miss you Pauly! Glad to hear you are having a good time!

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Guest Low Roller

I suppose I should be honoured I made it so high up on that list. Nah.

If I said 'jam-ass' I was probably just thinking how Treyter was acting LIKE an ass, and how he should jam that 20th bottle of beer of the night UP his ass. tongue.gif" border="0

Cheers Wackamole.

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