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This summer I hear the drumming...


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... four dead in Ohio.

Hi skankies.

I rec'd this on my Kimock list. Found it rather interesting so thought I would share:


May 4, 1970 was the date of the massacre of 4 unarmed college students at Kent State University by members of the Ohio national guard. 9 other students were wounded including one person left permanently paralyzed. Some of the dead and wounded were just walking to class when hit by the gunfire and were not involved in the protests. The murder of these unarmed students was a major turning point that caused even middle America to seriously question the direction of our country concerning the war raging in Vietnam.

Here are photos of Jimi Hendrix playing at the Universiy of Oklahoma fieldhouse on May 8, 1970. Tickets were 4.50 for non-students. There was an early and a late show. Your ticket stub from the early show got you in free to the late show. Note Jimi's black armband in memory of the Kent State 4.

photos courtesy of and copyright by Joseph Todaro



Three weeks later I graduated from HS and left for California. I would camp near Big Sur and then drive into San Francisco to see the music on the weekends. On 6-19-70 I paid 6.50 to see CSN&Y at the Oakland Coliseum. It was CSN&Y's first bay area performance of OHIO which was currently the number one song in the US on both AM & FM radio. Pure magic.


Suite:Judy Blue Eyes, On the Way Home, Teach Your Children, Tell Me Why, Triad, Guinnevere, Simple Man, The Loner, Cinnamon Girl, Down by the River, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, 4&20, Black Queen, 49 Bye Byes, America's Children, Love the One You're With, Pre-Road Downs, Long Time Gone, Helplessly Hoping, Southern Man, As I Come of Age, Ohio, Carry On, Woodstock, Find the Cost of Freedom

peace, Tom


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Ha! That's funny ACE. I didn't know what Puddly was talking about either. I waited the 5 minutes it takes for the picutes to show up and figured it out.

I sure wouldn't want to have a stupid wrestling meet every damn week! That's just the HOME games too. ugh. ACE, whatcha up to Friday. partyin? You goin to buddy's thing on Sat?

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