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nerolog, Stardate 050802


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nero @ The Sportsman's Lounge in Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia

First time driving through the Rockies for Dave and Jay. What a beautiful part of the country this is. Saw a wolf, loads of bighorns and some deer (of course we saw elkies in Banff). The bus seems to be holding up fine (knock wood) though after touching on the hills today I predict our upcoming journey from Nelson to Salt Spring Island will be a looong one. Got to Fairmont Hot Springs, which seems to be a highway-side community. A golf course (where the gig is), a subdivision around it, and not much else, it

seems. We had a great meal while watching the game (next time, Sens, and the time after that) and loaded in. Nice looking bar, comfy chairs and a stage with curtains! No, I didn't pull the curtains back as they started their first tune, but I wanted to. The guys got off to a good start and played a nice short high energy first

set. Quick setbreak and into the second (of three) sets. This was one of the better sets I've heard nero play in a long time, and the audience peaked at fourteen, staff included. Kinda reminds me of those old Lenny Breau recordings where he's playing his ass off and between tunes you hear about eighteen people clapping. Anyway, another short setbreak and into a quick set three (the bar closes early) which peaked with one of the better Basheebas I've heard. Not many people there so we didn't get any post show stories to share, just a two minute drive to the motel (a drive I had to

stay sober for), during which I ever so slightly touched the brakes to avoid a huge pothole and Shane spilled the 420 he was preparing. Geez, you'd think I'd killed his mother. They're all threatening to drown me in the hot springs tomorrow, but I usually wake up first, so I can get a head start. If this is my last nerolog, tell the authorities Shane did it, and Jay

probably helped.

Quote of the Day: "Where's all the golf-bunnies?"


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