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Hey y'all..

in Nelson, hope all is well in Ottawa.. just wanted to hek in and say yo to the peeps. The country is being swept up in Sens fever baby.. haha

Have a blast at cumtogether! We will party on Canada day, with ferris wheeler.. word.

Oh yea, nero is doing the moe/soulive/phil afterparty at the Zone.. tw'ill be messy good times. stay well everyone!

Peae, monkeyman

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I come from a land where the lakes still freeze

Wwell maybe noot quite that dramatic, but we've been boozing at the Ports and listening to some phishyness, looking forward to seeing the Nero lads soonish. Rock the free world boyos

andre sally catphish me baaddams myrna doggie reba and others got wasted

C'mon medical marijuana

Any way, looking forward to seeing youse, GM, Pablo and Rabid



mamma mia tommorrow for those who know

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