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nerolog, Stardate 050902

Pablo Sanchez

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nero @ River City Pub, Revelstoke, British Columbia

After the best night's sleep so far this tour, four happy souls pointed their bus north and hit the road for Revelstoke. I was fortunate to have Jay offer to drive, so I got a chance to fully appreciate the beauty of this part of the country. For those that have made this drive, you know what I'm talking about. For those that are unfamiliar, it's an indescribable journey among mountains that Hollywood can only attempt to copy. Very majestic; very humbling. A stop in Golden for lunch and to replace a headlight and in no time we were in Revelstoke.

Nice town, nice pub, great hotel rooms (onsite!). There was no house PA so we got a chance to try our own shiny new speakers, and they sound great. Especially when the speakers are powered by a band like nero. The guys played really well, falling into that get-better-every-freakin'-time-they-play category. Unfortunately, for the second straight night the beauty was lost to the masses, as the masses weren't there. The place wasn't empty, and there were a handful of people grooving, but it's funny to be an almost solitary witness to such a great pile of music. One thing for sure, nero is getting better at playing to small crowds. Here's hoping that's a skill they won't be needing much longer.

By all reports Nelson is supposed to be great, so we're all looking forward to the weekend.

Quote of the Day: "Condom?"


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