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And we bid you goodnight.. goodnight ... goodnight


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Guest Low Roller

You know it's really depressing seeing my two teams lose BADLY two nights in a row...

At least now I can concentrate on more important things like the World Cup! Go Poland!!!!!

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I've stayed out of this for as long as I could but anyone who knows me knows me as a long time Buds supporter. Love'em or hate 'em, they were something tonight...

But I jumped in to comment on the Bettmen/Mclean tilt. GO RON! Bettman's a jackass and McLean looked like he's been waiting to do that all year. By the way, we counted how many times Bettman touched McLean. 14! Can't wait to see Grapes on this.

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Ouch, another smackdown. I guess Im used to it by now.

As I said to Jaybone tonight, It not like I can hate the Leafs more, and its not like I can get any more bitter so Ive pretty much plateaued. The Sens were fucking terrible tonight. The second period was shameful. The Leafs handed the Sens their asses.

Anyway I promised Catphish Id cheer on the Leafs if they made it to the eastern finals for Canada's sake (unless the habs made it) so Ill do my best but Im not entirely sure I can handle it.


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Fuck me!

Can't anything go fucking right!

What a sad ass performance, we deserve to loose.

Alright POG here is what is currently taking up space on my HD

Galactic 2002-02-05 Opera House Toronto

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 2001-12-31

Phish 1998-08-09

Phish 2000-10-07

Phish 1997-08-06

Phish 1999-09-11

tND 02-01-16 Hamilton

The Word 2002-01-14

The Word 2002-01-15

Do your worst


P.S. Jimmy Swift kicked major ass tonight!

Dammit sloth!!! you have my papers!

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Originally posted by TheSloth:

PS DoubleB that quote in your signature is that from "The Fish that Stole Pittsburgh" cuz if it is you just made my year.

I think it's from a recent Nike commercial (one of their retro-looking ones about basketball in the '70s) featuring Bootsy Collins.



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if it wasn't for that hit on Domi, the Sens would have taken it

huh? I dont think so...........

I had a Sens fan at work yesterday complain about that hit on Domi to me. He said that he's sure Domi was faking it and went as far as to probly pick a scap while he was lying on the ice (in pain) so that there would be blood.

Dome would never fake it, last night when he was holding the puck on the boards then after the whistle limped hurt back to his bench should prove that. If that was Alfredson he would have been down on the ice crying like a baby hoping to draw a penaly.

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i don't think you'd see Alfredson crying like a little tucker there grum. remember tucker's tears??? lol

well played leafs....lotsa heart.

the sens didn't even show up. they oughtta be ashamed of that 2nd period.

everytime i went out to have a smoke, the leafs scored....sorry guys.

guess i'll smoke alot during this next series and show some support for the last canadian hope.

carolina is on a roll though, i hope the leafs can contain that line.

either way congrats on all you fuksuks for taking my money. good bets.

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