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wackamole report...from croatia


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hey dudes,

well, we finished the belgrade shoot!!!!! yeeehaw. it went really smooth and the editing has probably already started. galen is going to stay in belgrade until its done. and will probably look for most of the funding for the real film once its cut. so we are both super pyshed to have it under way. it was great to watch the foootage after we were all done. i think its gonna look cool. really fast paced and crazy.

welll, julia and i are taking a little rest on the coast of croatia, in a town (and an island called KRK). nice blue water, we went swimming in the adriatic, and the tourist season hasen,t hit yet, so its peaceful.....and cheap. how many town names can you come up with using only the letters k,r,v,and h. you,d be amazed!!!

WELL, WE WILL CHILL HERE FOR A FEW DAYS THEN TRAVEL UP TO AUSTRAI AND THE PRAUGUE AND then homeskis. so ill be seeeing yall soon-skis.

bye bye skis for now.


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