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Here's the deal.

Heather (from Brantford) is coming. She will be getting into Chatham about 9 pm or so Thu night. She insists on driving. Her and Adam plan on leaving Thur night to get things set up in Columbus.

That leaves Mud, Carrgo, Blair, Meggo, Keri left. One of us five has to either go with Jeff and Heather of Adam and Heather as to allow the remaining four to fit in one car.. I don't get done work until 7 am Fri. Blair and Mud are getting into town after Blair gets done work at the Leafs game so that won't be until very late Thu night. I've not talked to Carrgo.

Gotta go to work. Golf after that. Won't be getting up after that until 7 pm. Call me tomorrow to finalize.


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