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Guest Low Roller

Oooo. Excellent question for post-lunch breakskis.

The classic baddies are of course The Joker and Darth Vader. But also who can forget Megatron and Cobra Commander? These are all villains from my childhood lore that represent the evil that has shaped my life.

Joker proved my early theory in life that clowns are evil.

Cobra Commander gave hope to dweebs worldwide that even they can command an evil army and rule the world.

Megatron put his own personal gain ahead of the puny humans, and manipulated others like him to blindly follow him until he no longer needed them. Reminds me of real-life villain GWB.

Darth Vader was just a BMF, period.

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i enjoyed the rhino - i am actually a little worried about whether i'll enjoy spiderman as much as i could because i never really enjoyed the green goblin...

also the evil mad bomber what bombs at midnight

y'know, i get a sinking feeling i've asked this one before...

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darth vader wasn't really a villain though was he?

he DID kill the emporer and save the galaxy did he not....just took him a while to get his plan to go through...to realize his fate.

my favorite villain is probably dennis hopper playing frank in blue velvet.

very evil and demented...

other than that dr. evil, and agent smith were good ones.

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The evil midnight bomber what bombs at midnight was a stellar villian. The Tick owns!

William Dafoe is playing the Goblin. That will make it good. I'm seeing Spidey on Friday.

Meanwhile, I would still rule that even if he did kill the emperor, he used that grip thingy a whole lot too, and that makes Darth pretty darn evil.

My favourite villian? Probably either Snidely Whiplash or evin Boris Badanov (for tradition's sake), or, for those of y'all that know Final Fantasy, Kefka.

That's my 2 cents.

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Major Bad Guys:

Gargamelle (you know, that crazy bastard with the cat in the Smurfs... I mean, who would wanna kill Smurfette!?!?)

The Mask of Vulcan and Daedalus from the Hercules cartoon... the Mask was, by far, the coolest, but he needed some sort of chin strap for that helmet... I mean, come on!

Boba Fett, easily, over Darth! The guy was given the shittiest death ever, but he was still the coolest...


H, you are getting old in your old age

By the sounds of it, Booche, you Alzheimer's is kickin' in too! How else would be getting old? In her old age is the obvious choice. By the way, your Depends are falling down and you've got a chunk of prune on your face!

grin.gif" border="0tongue.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

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I am older than everyone but Reba........ wink.gif" border="0

Oh yeah, Velvet's pretty old too.

So, I may be older than you H, but I am definitely less senile.

Seems like alot of people are pretty out of it from the CTMF, I thought we were going to hear alot more than what we have.

It will come, I'm sure. I would tell you about my weekend, but you kids couldnt handle it.

Hey Chuck, if you didnt see the humour in my comment, then you obviously dont Think either.......

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Question within the Question:

What was it about the Rhino's attempts to make a gold statue of himself that was gonna help him rule the world?

I always was puzzled by this, hence he didn't make my list!

Oh ya, I guess I could mention that Colonel Kurtz was a fantastic villian (depending on where your morals stand, maybe it was Capt. Willard)

And Frank Booth (Hopper in Blue Velvet) WAS awesome... his love letter spiel is probably the best threat ever...

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