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Erik Trufazz @ Babylon (Blue Note recording artist)


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Erik Truffaz

June 22, 2002


Erik Truffaz, the brilliant French trumpeter, whose amalgam of electro-acoustic fusion, combustible dance rhythms and jazz tonalities, is once again doing something new.

Following his US debut, The Mask, and the adventurous remix record, Revisité, Truffaz has delved even further into his muse to create Mantis, his most intense and satisfying recording yet. The culmination of years working with his equally visceral quartet, Mantis finds the trumpeter composing the bulk of the compositions and collaborating with three renowned musicians new to his impressionist music. Extending Truffaz’s potent improvisations and surreal, rhythm-drenched compositions, Mantis places the trumpeter in the forefront of the creative improvisation scene.

Check out his tour dates..... he goes London UK, NY, Ottawa, Toronto...... Istanbul?


How did we get so lucky to have him play Babylon?

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