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The new site!!


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Good idea merging the sites ! I think i miss the sanctuary blue though.

Looks great bouche! couple thoughts.. whats the deal with the listings? can anyone add a show now? are the other listings gone?Why does the circus room in Kitchener have a large amount of page space on every page?! Seems a litte excessive for that room..

SOunds like Cumtogether was a blast... hope everyone had a good time. Have fun this saturday, see yall in a few weeks peace J

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Top Posters In This Topic

All logos on this site are copyright of potatoeshoe.com and dont you forgetit. (see below bouche)

he liked the green. (i liked the font size) he is working on content and on having more artwork around to break up the colour but he has been away all week. - i'm sure that he'll take all of these suggestions into account. and i betcha he makes all these changes (i still think y'all could be a little more patient to see what he was planning to do though wink.gif" border="0 )

has anybody been sending him any articles or content stuff?

everybody with an opinion think of things they can send in for the site. smile.gif" border="0

also those who dont like the colour scheme, how about giving links to sites where you do like the colour scheme? that might help...

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Don't get me wrong, I think you guys are doing a great job... take your time in getting it perfect. Any web site of this scope is always an ongoing project....

I have a few photos I could send in... Dead in Chicago in '93 and Phish west coast in '98 if you're interested.

Oh yeah, there WAS a site where I liked the colour scheme. It was phishsanctuary.com smile.gif" border="0

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that sounds like a lot of work there H-sending links and such...i'd rather just sit here and bitch and whine about the shite colour and font size because i can. shocked.gif" border="0 it is an open forum right? rolleyes.gif" border="0

in all seriousness though, i love the new site, and know it is not near completion yet. everyone is just getting their 2 cents in, just trying ot be a part of this place (i mean we have to look at the godamned thing all day remember?) i highly doubt mike will take any offence to any of the comments--although he IS a pre-madonna a little bit eh H? rolleyes.gif" border="0 i remember you complaining about how much of a drama queen he was to work with, so u'd know best rolleyes.gif" border="0 ...maybe your reluctance to give constructive criticism to mike is because of your past experience with the man. i can respect that. wink.gif" border="0tongue.gif" border="0

don't change the colour mike, it's AWESOME! wink.gif" border="0

and defintely don't change the font size because it's already way too BIG! tongue.gif" border="0

does this mean i will lose another star in my rockstar rating? can't wait until that baby's @ zero!

then my work here will be done!

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ha ha, you really liked the blue eh?

(i dont want to give the wrong impression- i haven't helped mike with this at all - thats part of the reason that i'm trying to see if people would be more patient - cuz he's trying real hard)

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Great job on this site merge bouchey...

It's perfect....

The font is fine...really really fine.

The colors are very copacetic with all Avatars...

I wouldn't change a thing. Easy breezy

surfing around...

Except the caca border but u know about that.... frown.gif" border="0

(Of course ... the font and logo are also of the same caca so it seems like a lot of work just to satisfy 50% of the on-lookers who will become the other 50% unsatisfied by any new color)

I'd leave it alone... cool.gif" border="0

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As a developer I honestly have to say I'm not very impressed with the merge so far. It took 5 months to develop this? I'm sure it will get better and all, but right now its just basically a off-the-shelf message board with a javascript menu. Big freaking deal.

I created the jamhub in only 5 weeks, record shows and share them for y'all, along with actually content (news and photos) and attempting to set up a canadian taper network, and nobody kisses my ass, helps or says boo, so quit your whining h.

I agree with the above posts, you can post whatever you want: THESE COLOURS SUCK! Also, I was the originator of the idea of a site merge but was ousted by the wonder twins.

So moderate this baby!

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somebody feels unappreciated!

You really need an ass-kicking Avatar to

talk like that ya know...

But then, who will do it up for you??

Didn't your mother teach you, if you can't say something nice, shut the fuck up!

Sorry Mak..

I'm on my old-man cranky time an I really miss my mom. cool.gif" border="0

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Yes, sorry about the colour of grey. If you look more closely youll also notice many many errors on the jamhub too, including uneven content boxes.


Notice we are here...not there...

That's a great quote coming from member 294, being said to member 11.

Hahhaahhaha. Oh knowledgeable and wise one.

Wonder twin powers activate!

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