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nerolog, Stardate 0510/1102


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Stardate 0510/1102

nero @ the Civic, Nelson, British Columbia

Another fine rest and another stunning journey over and around the

beautiful Rocky Mountains. The bus didn't get seasick on it's first (to our

knowledge) marine voyage on the short ferry ride you hit between Revelstoke

and Nelson - what a beautiful ride that was. I think we all realized just

how cool it was to be on tour out here on that ferry.

Needless to say, we were all in pretty good moods when we got to Nelson,

but that wouldn't have mattered. Nelson would have made us smile

regardless. What a great town. Cool people everywhere, great stores and

restaurants all over the place. The bar is cool, with a big patio/balcony

with a great mountain view. The newly-painted and floored band room is

downstairs and downright comfy. All the staff are amazing and beautiful

people everywhere. The Sens kicked Toronto's ass and we scored pot off the

soundguy when we were down to our very last nug. We're pretty much batting

1.000 here in Nelson.

Except there was nobody there.

I couldn't believe it! There are posters all over town, everybody on the

street (and there's lots of folks out and about) look like they'd enjoy a

good nero show, people had told Nelson area kids to come out, but there was

maybe twenty people, tops the first night, and a handful more second night.

The band rocked out, the sound was great, but it wasn't the big party we

were expecting. There was some cool kids there second night, and that was

encouraging. Hopefully next time will be better.

To get to Salt Spring Island on time we had to drive all night after the

show. At one point I came across about 15 deer having a meeting in the

middle of the highway. Beautiful. The bus took the mountains fine,

although one hill was a bit too much. I looked in the mirror to see the bus

pouring smoke...I pulled over, the interior was full of smoke. Let the bus

sit for a half hour and off we went. The guys were sleeping so well I

actually pulled over to see if the were all asphixiated. Dave finally took

over the driving. He went downhill for about 40 km and the straight, easy

driving. Bastard.

Quote of the Day: "He's trying to warn us about BC pot! Cute."






El Vezz

Holetown Charlie>

Miko Mard

Peaches en Regalia


Hockey Night>

Tonto's Underwater Paradise

401 Theme>

Wata Bug

Pumpkin Song


Whispy Mountain Wonder

Speed Queen



3rd Stone



Joseph's B&E Bonanza

Oregano Mice

Whipy Mountain Wonder

Moby's Dream>




401 Theme

Tonto's Underwater Paradise


Wata Bug




Chocolate Monkey Machine

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