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nerolog, Stardate 051302


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Stardate 051302

nero @ The Sandbar, Tofino, British Columbia

Good night's sleep led right into lunch, where I had the best soup I've

ever eaten. We hopped on the ferry back to Vancouver Island and headed

towards Tofino. Hands down the most spectacular drive of the trip. It was

raining, which in a way made it more beautiful. We saw a big black bear

right on the side of the road and just had a great time driving out there.

Got to the bar and we were encouraged to find a cool, laid back place with a

bunch of cool people around. Maybe this will be the show we're waiting for.

Got treated like gold at the hotel (connected to the bar) and set up for

the show.

The band played really well, and the 75 or so people who came out seemed to

have a good time. I got pretty loaded and got high score on Galaga. I

think that pissed Shane off, I'm not sure. At one point the bass player

from Jambolaya got up and did some drunky rapping in Centragnome. It was

pretty cool for a while.

One funny thing, I met this guy outside, early 20's, nice enough fella.

The guy lives in Tofino and he's barred from the Sandbar, and he's been

barred for three years. Whatcha get barred for? "Pulling my penis out in

the bar." Is this the only bar in town? "Well, there's the Legion but I'm

barred there too. Okay buddy, I won't ask. He says there's nothing else to

do in town so he fills his bag full of beer and hangs with people when they

go outside for a smoke. Whatever works.

Quote of the Day: "


Miko Mard

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401 Theme

Tonto's Underwater Paradise

First Tube


Wata Bug







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