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nerolog, Stardate 051402


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Stardate 051402

nero @ Jiggers, Courtenay, British Columbia

Got to take that fantastic highway 4 out of Tofino again, what a drive. We

got to Courtenay with high hopes for the gig. This one was being put on by

a local promoter, Dilate productions. We saw one of their posters in

Tofino, and it looked great, professionally designed, looks like these guys

give a damn. They called us last night to check on mic requirements, seems

like they know what they're doing. Got to the hotel and called them. They

brought over beers and we watched the Sens go up in smoke together. They

are all Toronto fans, but we hit it off anyway. They sent us to a cajun

place for dinner. The food was outstanding and the staff had been

anticipating our visit. They had the best table waiting for us...the cook

and the waitress both got their pictures taken with us, everybody was all

excited and we had fun (and the best food ever - Jacqualines in Courtenay).

The guys decorated the bar (one of the promoters, Nik, is an oustanding

visual artist and he painted a diptik especially for back of stage). They

had cold beer waiting in the band room and were covering all the bases.

Over 200 people came out for the show and danced their faces off (at $8 a

head). It was a hugely successful party, the band played incredibly and

everybody was screaming their heads off. Not to mention the extremely high

concentration of beautiful people. Hard to believe this was their first

ever show promotion. Won't be their last though, they have Blue Quarter

coming and lots of other bands lined up. Jeffrey from Burt Neilson was at

the show - what a cool guy - and he's into some cool projects, maybe he'll

get playing around the island too. He drummed his ass off at the after


After party (our first this tour!) was at the promoter's place near the

hotel Nik was spinning in the living room and at least half the bar was

there until 5:30 or so. Nice people too, nobody would let us smoke our own

pot and they were treating the band like rockstars.

The guys took us to a great spot for breakfast and we were off. For the

record, eight thumbs up for Dilate. These guys know how to do it right.

They batted 1.000 at least and we can't wait to do more with them. This was

the night the band needed. Thanks guys.

Quote of the Day: "I want you to see my pussy! I want you to eat my



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Wata Bug

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I think they should re-lactate...

Sounds like an awesome show!!!

I'm sure that show had something to do with Seanigans (O'Sullivan). Who are those Dilate folks anyways, Velvet?

This Saturday is also the Sasquatch Fest. at the Gorge, so hopefully there'll be enough folks left to boogie down with nero and themasses in Van. - we're hypin' it...

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