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nerolog, Stardate 051502


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Stardate 051502

nero w/ Rank @ The Cambie, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Micheal's in Courtenay is the place for breakfast, I rank it third in my

quest for the world's finest omelets. Spirits at an all time high, we

headed south to Nanaimo. Pretty short drive, and we made it to the bar

early in the afternoon. Mistake. Walked into the Cambie and it was packed.

Full of an extremely hard drinking crowd of bikers, bums and barflys.

Think of the Laff on a rough day. We had complimentary beds at the hostel

upstairs and a somewhat ridiculous contract. We essentially chained

ourselves to the bus and waited for the soundguy to arrive. Around 7pm I

walked into the bar and it had transformed into a normalish dive. The

soundguy was great and so was the bar guy. The doorman was very weird, and

did not hesitate to tell you of his bizarre sexual exploits (fantasies?),

including a two hour rim job from a drunken midget (talk about getting to

know a guy).

Rank is a five piece funk band - very cool, great players, good set. nero

only did one set 'cuz the bar shuts down early, but everybody was blown

away. The main mission on this tour was accomplished, being that we know

that there won't be huge crowds coming to see a band nobody has heard of,

but it's imperative to blow away the few that are there so that next time

they will have spread the word a bit, thereby creating a snowball effect.

Fait accompli.

In a word, we were all pleasantly surprised be how the gig went overall,

but regardless we blew off the hostel and drove a couple hours to Victoria

and crashed at Jay's aunt's place.

Quote of the day: "It says here we have to act professional at all times.

Is Joe Walsh a professional?"


Gordon's Revenge>

Dr. Who

401 Theme

Miko Mard


Wata Bug

Holetown Charlie

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