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More bad vibes.......


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So in keeping with today's theme, I have some nasty shit to say.....

I went out to the Mercury Lounge last night. The band that was playing was called Frestyle. Should be called no style!

This was a 7 piece band with a weird arrangment. 1 DJ, 1 guy on drum machine, and 1 guy on hand drum. Between the 3 of them, they couldn't produce one decent beat, GM could kick all 3 of their asses with 1 arm and 1 leg. The rest of the band was a bass player, a Scofield wanabe on guitar, a bad keyboard player and to top it all off, an MC. I have never seen 7 individuals perform in their own space like this before. No one was listening to anyone else and the MC was screaming over whatever groove might have existed.. It was a freaking mess of sound and my ears are still bleeding.

In fairness to the band, there was a new sound guy working who obviously knew nothing about that room, the levels were all wrong and caused me to cringe more than once

Worst show in a long time

I need a good muffin!

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