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hmmm..raggamuffin..tempting ,I'm still on holidays !

Trety er DSO was amazing it was a 73 show thatis all I can remember. I can't beleive how great they are.

They must have knew I was there because it was a countryfied show ( a Georege Jones song, Loreeta Lynn song (the Donna was great), a Johnny cash song and a Kris kristopherson song. CatPhish always gets her twang.

they did a beautifull Eyes of the world and Cumberland blues and a very fun Not Fade away and Johnny B. Good.

grin.gif" border="0

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I will probably have to run some script to get things back in order.

The show was 9-14-73

Performing 9/14/73 Civic Center, Providence, RI (Donna Show)

1: Cold Rain, Race Is On, Loose Lucy, Box of Rain, Tennessee Jed, You Ain't Woman, Big RxR Blues, Cumberland, Bobby McGee, Bird Song, Johnny B Goode

2: HC Sunshine, Big River, TLEO, WRS Prelude> WRS Part 1> Let It Grow, Eyes> Comes A TIme, NFA> GDTRFB> NFA

Encore: Brokedown*

Filler: None

Brokedown was soooo beautiful. This was an amazing show. HI energy country first set, all for catphish, and then a beautiful, harmony-filled second set with killer jams.

TLEO was FAST without any harmony. The race is on, was a slowed-down version, and Lisa (who people kept calling donna) was amazing for that loretta tune.

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Booche I am so sorry you had to miss this show. My chest still gets heavy every time I recall a moment from that night. As wonderful as Come Together was, the highlight of my 6 day vacation was DSO in Vermont.

Not only did the chinese restaraunt next door have the most amazing shrimp puffs, but the venue was incredible. It was a great size, lots of room but very intimate, a huge stage and great sound. The walls were postered with artwork dipicting all the huge jam names that have played there. We kept pointing out a bigger and better poster wishing we had been there for that show.

Greg and Natalie were unable to get a ticket into the show but were able to enjoy a dip in the hottub as a consolation prize while we pushed our way up to the front row for the show.

I have never been to a Dead show but I have seen my share of dead cover bands that quite honestly didn't impress me very much. I wasn't sure what to expect of DSO but I went with a good time on my mind. A wise individual taught me that the Dead are one of those rare bands that can make you cry, that can touch your heart and soul and teach you about love and pain and everything in between. For me, DSO was an awakening. My eyes were closed throughout most of the show and I was carried back to 1973. Bobby was in short-shorts, Jerry was smiling and Donna was wailing and spinning. I was grinning and feeling ACTUAL emotions at a show!!! Sure I see my share of shows. For me, an awsome show is one that I can't stop moving at, one that pulls out an instrument I haven't seen used before, one that produces a trance...Dark Star had me moving alright but there were times when I couldn't move...heck I had to remind myself to breath a few times. It was incredible. I was overwhelmed through most of the show. DSO gave powerful performances that were just (pardon the pun) dead on.

I have never been so emotionally moved during a show before. Thanks to all that shared this experience with me.

To top off a wonderful show, we spent the last day of my vacation enjoying the only sunny day of it! We walked downtown Vermont, stopping to pick up the new Trey album and some Ben & Jerry's. Vermont is beautiful and I can't wait to get back there when we see Trey next month.

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It would take a lot of creative thought to read jealousy into any of that. It's not as if I indicated in any way that I would want my parts to be any size other than what they are right now.

I don't see why we *should* be jealous. Since you inferred it, it's fair to assume that you can see a reason. Care to explain?

The banana is just as goofy.

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The Dead do Funk?

I think I have been exposed to all the wrong dead.... that country folk shit just doesen't do it for me... especialy on tape... maybe live it could touch me.... but funk is a guaranteed score.

The truth of the matter is, I can't be bothered to explore the dead, because... well because they are dead!!!! Onlu 24 hours in the day and I listen to music for most of them, but if I have no context for their live shows and no hope of ever seeing one...... other CURRENT bands get my ear.....

That being said, I'm about to spend a couple hours in a car with Booche where I will no doubt be schooled on Deadology.

It isin't that I don't like em..... I just don't care... [Wink]

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With Phish

I have both context and hope...... and the funks gets so deep I can't see my hands.... oh wait open your eyes.... nope... to deep

I love fucking with you deadheads.... poke, poke, poke

Hey Booche.... get read for 2 hours of MOE.

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I was going to warn you to get ready for an hour and a half of some SERIOUS Dead.........

Probably for the best, you would end up driving us over a cliff with this shit.

07/08/78 Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO

Set 1: Bertha > Good Lovin', Dire Wolf, El Paso, It Must Have Been The Roses, Minglewood Blues, Ramble On Rose, Promised Land, Deal

Set 2: Samson & Delilah, Ship of Fools, Estimated Prophet > The Other One > Eyes Of The World > Drums > Wharf Rat > Franklin's Tower > Sugar Magnolia, E:Terrapin Station > E: One More Saturday Night, E: Werewolves of London

(My tape starts at Estimated......GET THIS SHOW PEOPLE! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!)

Red Rocks ROCKS!

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Hood, I find the above photos offensive to small breasted women everywhere.

Arcane...i inferred most of the jealousy to Ms. Huxxx (the blonde with the small boobs-u might have met her before?) because i was giving her a razz [Razz] (like a second ago), and i didn't like the tone she took with me and the look she gave me (yes i can feel her look).

The reason the reply was directed at the "ladies" was because i didn't really want to single Ms. Huxx out too much... [Wink]

Why would any small breasted woman be jealous of a crude cartoon girl with huge tits? that's much too personal for me to get into--i took the easy route (instead of pulling a phakinut) and hit her with the jealosy card. I guess it comes down to me being lazy and not really thinking up a good burn really (mind u i liked the even-steven with the banana--did u? could be seen as pretty lame but i'm onto the cartoon kick today so fuckit)

And as for the reason you SHOULD be jealous of the cartoon with the huge tits...i'm at a loss [Confused] ALL tits are good...like i have said before many times: jealousy is a wasted emotion.

You should admire them...feel them...caress them...kiss them...be at one with the booby... [Wink] ....then move onto the butt [Eek!]

And now onto Brad: have you ever listened to SHAKEDOWN STREET????[Eek!][Eek!][Roll Eyes]

geezuz man, give yer head a shake.

and this country thing...i kind've understand it, but that's on the surface...the dead are more evil and psychadelic than anything you have ever listened to man. you just haven't listened to the right shit...ever heard of space...wanna talk free-style avante garde jazz with absolutely no limits???

surrender to the space...

BTW: Hooterall is not the dead...it's Jerry with a bunch of funk/jazz musicians who will blow your closed mind away.

They do things that all these new bands that you listen to now, only wish they could do, and they do it with style.

So lemme get this straight Brad: if Phish don't come back you won't listen to them ever again?? what about BNB? Parliament? Cool 'n the Gang?

Yeah u definitely shouldn't listen to Miles, or Coltrane, or Jimi Hendrix, or Bob Marley: they're all dead right?

Wouldn't want to waste your precious time with their genius...maybe you shouldn't listen to them afterall.


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