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Duly noting Bouchey is the only one with an Avatar:

I think it gives credence to quote me ...

"Moderators have all the power".

Are we being held hostage?...so far no ransom notes have been found.

May be jus busy.

When did the world change?

I'm old...the old way was that buttkissin

gave you the edge.

It doesn't seem so any more. Now,

it's all political (Just a mask for buttkissin')

butt nobody notices heh heh.

Anyway...I can't read character in the words anymore..the faces are gone.

Have pity please massa, an gimme back my face. I'm lost without it.

Speakin' of Credence....I really dig those ol' CCR tunes.

Piece young dudes. -

PS..I hope I get my face back before I croak or it is big Karma for Bouchey.

(Not a threat, that's jus the way it works.)

PPSS..nice touch that "Preview Post feature..keep up the good Bouchey work.

..oh..an having our signatures on there twice...smooth...hearing yourself twice makes you really believe it!


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