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Alpine Valley Camping/Hotels


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We stayed there last summer as there was no camping within a half hour at the time.

We were able to get a room for about 70 US for the night.

However, everyone else at the resort had to pay 200 per night. Somehow we got a deal, yet they charge a lot more for concert nights.

Some people said that you can save money by getting a group of four together for a golf package. IT was something like $200 for 4 and they got dinners and golfing with their room. IT's a beautiful course too.

You can walk to the venue via the back entrance if you stay there. They ahve a pool that you can sit and drink in the sun while listening to the sound check.

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There are also a good number of farms to camp at in the area....though, you may have to set up camp and then drive to the venue. If my memory serves me, there are a few farms that allow camping that are right near the main gates to get into the lots. bit of a hike (i think?) to get to the venue but its fun. The earlier you get there the better spot you'll get..some of them are shabby at best.

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We camped at Bong State... if memory serves me well it was 15-20 mins away. Here's the info for Bong State Recreation Area:

Camping: call 888-947-2757 for all camping reservations

Bong State Recreation Area 262/878-5600

Exit Highway 142 from I-94.

About 6 miles South East of Burlington

ps- it was worth, just for the pictures in front of the state park :^)

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Well, kinda..........

For me, it was going to be all about the resort again. I figure to make a trip like that, I was going to have to go RockStar style.

Its pretty selfish I guess, but that was the TSN turning point for my decision.

But PLEASE, go and have a good time for me and the rest of the Skanks!

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Shit that place is booked!!! NO!!!!!

I so wanted to do lots of cocaine by the pool after golfing all morning while having a LARGE margarita and smoking tons of phatties on my way to tripping on the ecky and liquid all night for good 'ol phil...

camping just doesn't seem the same.

call me shallow, but that was the major appeal of this trip for me...the whole thing, not just the music...i love golf, and poolside debauchery too.

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Thanks alot BackBacon........

Are you trying to get me to jump out of this 10th floor window or something?

I had completely forgotten about this ugliness and was well on my way to hard-core recovery.

Now, I am going to have to kill more brain cells this weekend and forget what life would have been like as a full-blown rockstar for a few days in WisconSIN.

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we're staying at the Hoppe Homestead campgrounds which is really close, and Vince Welnick is actually gonna play AT the campsite!! I'm active in Deadnet Central on Dead.net and a dude reserved a bunch of spots for online friends at $15 day, becuase of volume it's now up to $20 day, I will prolly have at least 2 extra spots, but could check into possibly more....???

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No guff, eh? Yeah, I just called there. They have room left! I reserved a space. She didn't take any info except for my name!?

I better cancel that other one now.

Secondtube, make the change to the HOppe Homestaead.

I also heard Tom Constenten was going to be there!!

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Fuck ya!

Booche, I don't fully understand the reason that you are not going. Do you?

Just pulled this info from the site:

Pitch a tent on a rustic campground – near a treeline – on acres of scenic, quiet farmland just 15 minutes from Alpine Valley. Families, groups, scouts, and individuals are welcome for campouts. Phone ahead to reserve your campsite




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Yes, I wanted to spend the weekend living as though I was a full-blown rockstar. Alpine Valley is about living life like I aint a hippie anymore.

Without the Alpine Valley Ski Resort, I cant justify the trip. I wish I could explain more but I better not.

Lets just say that I am old.............

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Backbacon i have considered the switch but i have talked to a few locals and these are the reasons i'm not:

1. hoppehomestead is not nearly the camp grounds that Bong state is. Hoppe is more like an open field, with shade on the perimiter, so get there quick. Or if they have already set you a site aside, cross your fingers.

2. Bong State is supposed to be very beautiful. Yes, there will be cops, but i'm not childish. I will be careful.

3. 20 dollars a nite, possibly per person at Hoppes. i'm not sure. if so, that is 80 dollars for two nights. Wow! And yes, we get screwed on cancelling at Bong State.

"Primitive camping only. Camping fees depend on availability and the size of the party (approx. $10 - $15 per person). "

4. Shade, Shade, and Shade.

BUT we STILL MUST meet in the lots and party Canadian Style!


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Understandable. The site at Bong State $31.50 for both nights. IT cost about $18 to cancel that. At Hoppe it is 10-15 per person I think.

The travel time comes into consideration. 15 from Hoppe. At least 30 min from Bong State. (IF memory serves me correct..)

Also, this is what happened at Bong State on Phish tour 2000:

(I posted this a looong time ago too.)

sitting around our site, no radio, only quiet conversation. There was 8 of us or so, girls and guys. We were smoking cigarettes and drinking some beers. (we had one doobie going around). IT must have been 1 am or so.

Out from the darkness jumps two yogies! Apprently they had been scoping us out and felt it time to come in for the kill.

The interogation was to begin. They were looking for that doobie! Flashlights all over, shining in our face, coming up to each of us and inspecting each of our cigarettes. One of the guys was on his hands and knees sifting thorugh the dirt around the fire pit picking up butts to see if it was the roach.

This went on for about five minutes until they must ahve really felt rediculous. Finally they said, all cool and hip like, "You guys in town for the Phish show? Yeah... well just carry on with what you were doing."

I'm sure they enjoyed their first taste of what it was like to administer a real cop 'drug raid'.

too funny.

Plus, Vince, TC, even Donna perhaps playing until the wee hours at Hoppe. (That would make for an interesting show.)

We will have a big Canadian flag flying in the lot so I hope we can meet up. ALthough it is Huuuge. We shall discuss that more as the time nears.

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Let me try and wipe the stress away.

Government Mule

Allman Brothers



I'll tell ya about stress. Missing a CTMF & DSO because of a wedding.

I am as confused about your stress as you are as confused about my Alpine Valley dilema.

Soon to party we will Kung, sooooon..........

Let me add this, I have more respect for Warren Hayne's work ethic than anyone else I know of. AND, he doesnt even take steroids!

You get Warren ALL NIGHT LONG!

Dont miss the Mule man. Dont miss them.

Download The Mule Here

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