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Drumz & Tuba - The Shot


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I dont know what I can say. You guys are in for a RIDE tomorrow night! That is the MOST unique guitar player I have heard in a looooooong time. The drummer is absolutely unequivically INSANE!

and there is a tuba player............go figure.

These guys come from the same planet as Les Claypool. There is no other explanation to me right now, so dont even try. Its going to take me awhile to I figure out what I just saw.

And the best part (for all of you) is that it is going to be even BETTER tomorrow night. Cooler vibe and cooler people than what we shared with tonight.

Do yourself a favour and go dancin'

But remember, these guys are aliens. Specially that mad-cap drummer!

By the way, I witnessed them score an after-party tonight. PLEASE, try and offer them the same tomorrow/tonight. The come from the land down under in NYC. Give it to them good. They deserve it.

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I love it when you can wake up, stare at the ceiling and think to yourself

"I get to see that band again tonight."

I can't wait! I'm already thinking about going to Montreal on Sunday!

It was a pretty sparse crowd in Kingston. I think many of them had no idea the bombs that were going to be dropped on them. By the end of set 2, everyone who could stand ($9 pitchers [Wink] ) was up and dancing.

As good as the Tuba and guitar were...... that drummer freaking killed me! Planet Claypool for sure.... where stanton meets martin.... soooo gooood

Honorary toaster to Dog at the Station and Charlie don't surf for their last call order of 2 mixed drinks and a pitcher.

Tonight will be amazing! All that last night was plus all our good friends, a nicer club, better sound, fungus and oh yeah.... the Bus!

I'm already polishing up my toaster......

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