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Suggestion Box for Bouchey


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Hello Bouchey..

You really should synchronize the time of the server with the world atomic clock with automatic updates....

because you are nine minutes ahead.

When the world ends..you will crash nine minutes ahead of us causing irreparable insanity for most Skanks...

which really won't matter nine minutes later...

Never mind!



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It looks like maybe we are finally linked

to that automic world clock.....

Only now you are exactly one hour

behind the majority of scancs in .ca eh.

Now when the world ends....and the rest

of us go.... you will have exactly

one hour left to rescue the site from


It is not as hard as it sounds.

You just have to keep the matter and anti-matter of the site from colliding with each other.

I think puddles is the expert on those.

At least all the scancs can then have eternal life within the web.


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