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nero/themasses Vancouver


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What an awesome night. Met nero outside the Silvertone Tavern at around 8pm, realized I knew Todd (Velvet) from back in the day in Ottawa - small world. We smoked a gagger in the handicap bus and I once again got to put faces to some more skank folks. My band (themasses) played from 10 - 11 to a half-full bar - it was the debut of our new lineup - non-biased objective review coming soon. nero took the stage around 11:45 - they blew the roof offa the joint. I now know what all the hoopla was aboot - nero rocks! Great bunch of guys as well - come back soon!

I was listening to the recording of our set today (from audience mics) and heard a conversation between Velvet and Pablo Sanchez (I think). It went like this:

Velvet: "Are you drunk already? Are you?"

Pablo: (long pause)

Velvet " You are, you're drunk."

Pablo: I am NOT!

Velvet: "yes you are."

Pablo: "So"

then the music starts again.

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