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Grand Theft Tuba- Montreal edition

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

So what's an Ottawa guy to do on a Sunday? Go to Montreal of course.

I was expecting to miss the Saturday show at Babylon (but I ended up going anyways), so I made plans with some MTL folks to go see Grand Theft Bus and Drums & Tuba on Sunday.

Now these MTL people aren't really broken in as far as the scene goes, so I was hoping that the show would duplicate the Ottawa experience, and perhaps gently eradicate their minds.

Le Swimming is a pool hall with a small stage. Tables were set up five feet away from the stage, which kinda cramped the dance floor, resulting in some poor feng shui for this place. The dancers felt kinda uncomfortable dancing in front of the tables, blocking the view, so they went behind the tables to swing to the beat. The sound was ok, albeit really loud.

Grand Theft Bus started with the intro song to Street Sleeper (can't remember the name) -> Street Sleeper, which was a good way as any to break open my friends. GTB also did a stoopid 20+ minute jam-out that just kept building and building. Fantastico! But just like in Ottawa, they didn't play for very long.

Drums & Tuba played their alien music to a very appreciative crowd, but the highlight has to be the little gnome that was on stage. When D&T began their set the gnome was looking at me, then it turned around and looked at my friend, and then just kept turning to look at different people, just spreading the good vibe. It was bizarre. I have two people to confirm this fact, and it's not just me becoming delusional.

What's left to say about D&T anyhow? They kicked ass. A little more Red Hot Chili Peppers flavour for this show then the Ottawa show. The show left my friends in shambles trying to regroup whatever was left of their minds.

I posted signs after the show reading 'Lost: one (1) brain, slightly abused. Goes by the name Brian. If found please return to...'

I got back to Ottawa at 5 in the morning, pushing on 'til the day. Listening to some Trey, I realized that, in fact, the sun always DOES get up too soon.

Cheers to the crowd that was there, and a nod to Sloth who was the only other maniac to drive for this show from Ottawa (as far as I can tell).

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