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Toaster Day


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How shall we celebrate the patenting of the pop-up toaster on May 29?

From http://www.toaster.org/1920.html :

The First Pop-up Toaster

During World War I, a master mechanic in a plant in Stillwater, Minnesota decided to do something about the burnt toast served in the company cafeteria. To circumvent the need for continual human attention, Charles Strite incorporated springs and a variable timer, and filed the patent for his pop-up toaster on May 29, 1919.

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I saw that ad as well. It will be interesting to see if that show is indeed on at the Merc this Wed. I do hope so as that show sounded interesting... If it is on, it will be the last. At least until I can weasle myself in with whoever is running that show now...

this celebration has lost its appeal for me.... have fun kids

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I just checked The Mercury, and they list:



Wednesday, May 29

Based in Toronto's Electronic music scene LAL

will be showcasing their unique

world/electronic and broken beat styles.

danielle duval, local Montrealer, will be in the

night with some acoustic soul, with splashes

of funk, jazz and hip hop beats.

As an alternative event, how about we find some open stage thing or karaoke bar, bring along the toaster, and make music ourselves?

Or, we could just sit around and do the traditional Toaster Night things: sing toaster carols, open our toaster presents, watch "The Night Black & Decker Stole Toastmas"...



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