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Who's afraid of the big salty snack


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I was persuaded to post this… it’s Friday… blame arcane.

Someone at work had someone give him, upon returning from a trip to TaiWan, some choice snacks from Asia – most of them originally from Japan, actually. Unable to resist rare treats, I asked for some.

They’ve been sititng near me for ten minutes, and the pungent smell of cheap chocolate is difficult to resist.

First up: Tomato Pretz! It’s really thin, looks really salty, smells of tangy oil – the Italian salad flavouring, no doubt – and tastes like… Remember the old Humpty Dumpty hickory sticks? They’re still around, but not as prevalently. The Pretz look like those (except longer) and taste very similar, though a bit more sour.

It also looks porous, but biting off both ends does not create a mini-flute or straw. Blowing or sucking has no effect.

Next up, we have Chocolat pots, looking like little dumplings with a chocolate paste/spread in it, kinda like a fried Nutella macaroon. The smallness of the paste gives but a faint trace of chocolate taste, the mainthing hitting the palate being the disintegrating slightly fatty cookie. Eating several gets slightly nauseating.

And finally, we have the infamous Pocky! In this case, “Men’s Pocky”, with the dark chocolate covering over the thin cookie. Of all the Pockys, it’s the only one I can see which has one of those infamous Engrish sayings on the box. Frankly, it looks like an edible sparkler. I won’t try to set fire to it (yet wonder who on this board would), but suckling on the chocolate end allows for a nice taste of the bitter chocolate before I suck cookie. Suckling the bare cookie side does not give a nice pleasing chocolate taste, so I returned to the first one. But as it had been suckled clean, I just ate it in bites.

They can be addictive, one is too small a taste to be sure.. so you eat another.. and another… they’re all so waffer-thin! (sic)

dancing and eating fool

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