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Hotmail Dickheads

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Hey Pholks! Just a public service announcement from your friendly neighbourhood Scottieking. This is one of those hints that really helps out. I wondered why I was getting more spam than usually. Here's why (hotmail BASTARDS!)

>If you have a Hotmail account - or if you've used Microsoft Passport - for

>more than a month, there's something you need to check.

>I mean, uncheck. Quickly


>If you signed up for Hotmail - or anything else that uses Passport - more

>than a couple of months ago, you may be in for a big surprise. It seems

>that Microsoft changed the rules while you weren't looking. Unilaterally,

>Microsoft may have granted itself permission to pass along your personal

>information to other companies that use Passport on their Web sites. The

>personal information includes your email address, your birthday, your

>country and zip code, your gender and occupation.


>Has Microsoft taken liberties with your info? There's an easy way to check.


>Go into Hotmail.

>Click Options (to the right of the tab that says "Address Book").

>Click Personal Profile (in the upper left corner).

>Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and see whether the boxes marked

>"Share my e-mail address" and "Share my other registration information"

>have been checked.


>Those boxes were not there when I signed up for Hotmail, and chances are

>pretty good they didn't exist when you signed up for it, either. I

>certainly never gave Microsoft permission to hand out my email address - or

>my birthday, gender or occupation. Yet both of those boxes on my personal

>profile were checked. I bet they're checked on your personal profile, too.


Just being helpful!

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