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canjam compilation project

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

So I want to make a canjam compilation disc and hand them out to some of my friends to introduce them to the canjam scene.

The question I ask you, The Loyal Sanctuarians, is to recommend songs for this disc. I want to cover all the acts that come around Ottawa regularly, and any others that are note worthy.

I could use band name, song(s) , source (disc/live show).

I'll start things off with perhaps my favorite canjam song, Street Sleeper by Grand Theft Bus from Ottawa, 03/05/02. Boo-Yah! Now your turn.

Should it span two discs, so be it.

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Great idea Lowroller

Can I have one of those discs?

I don't know about dates but thses are just a few of my current Fav's

Chocolate Monkey Machine



Zienith Space Command


Oh Yeah

Jimmy Swift Band

As if


Ya gotta have some Burt...... Jack Lumber was always my fav...

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I did one of these CDN Music Samplers to hand to people at shows (esp. in the States). Gave out 30 or so over the past few months.

ALthough I very quickly put it together and will be doing a new one which is perhaps meatier, here is what was on it:

Briefly - Jomamma 9 22 01

Boltneck GTB - 9 16 01

Disco Ball> St Stephen - C Jam 9 24 99

Waves - BNB 2 2 01

?? - RFASP 7 3 01

Moby's Dream - Nero 4 14 01

Old Guiseppe> Bones - GTB 9 16 01

Rockford FIles - BNB 2 2 01

I'm making one with more variety.

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Days Of You - The Bayou

The Pin> Shoe Groove

I will have to listen to the track listing from the JamHub to let you know which ones they are, cause its all wacky shit. Its basically the last 2 songs before the encore, but the tracking is different I believe..........unless covers count.


Or, That's Alright>I'm A Man (Chicago cover)>That's Alright from the same night.

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Guest Low Roller

I'm listening to the Days Of You show from The Bayou, and I can't narrow it down to one choice.

Booche, I don't have a setlist for the show, so I don't know which songs you're referring to.

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