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Kudos: Addison Groove Project~FreeB+POffer~!

Northern Wish

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An open letter:

My faith in the scene has risen to such a level, because of fine musicians, friends and examples such as yourselves. It is a fine Tuesday morning in New Brunswick. I just got another job rejection in the mail but..... I also received a package from Addison Groove Projects, Aaron Cohen. After receiving an email about winning a contest a couple of weeks ago, I disregarded it as spam......

You can imagine my joy when a package arrived, containing:

AGP t shirt

AGP new album "al-lo-phone" signed by all of the members

two AGP stickers for my guitar case

So to spread the karma and the tunes I am going to help in my own little way. I am going to offer a forthcoming AGP show to 10 of you, FREE. Email me to get in, and watch your mailboxes......


Northern Wish

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